A Friend of Labor for VP

In all the chattering by people in DC about Barack Obama's pick of Joe Biden and foreign policy credentials, something very important is being ignored.

Barack Obama has chosen a friend of Labor to be his Vice President. With the early rumors about Bayh and Kaine it looked like centrism was going to be the ruling thoughts of the day. Instead, in Biden we have a clear friend of the labor movement, and a great foil to the Bush/McCain economy.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden are both Co-Sponsors of the Employee Free Choice Act.

Joe Biden received an 85% rating from the AFL-CIO during the last 12 years.

Joe Biden ranks as the poorest member of the US Senate. In past years income he has earned outside of his Senate salary includes a book bonus of just over $100,000 and an annual salary of 20,000 he earns for teaching classes at a local college.

Joe Biden rides AMTRAK to and from the Capitol every day.

Joe Biden walked a day in the shoes of an SEIU member.

Joe Biden's biography reads like a slice of real Americana. He was born in Scranton, PA to a family that was committed to hard work. One story of the pride his father had in his work was that at a Christmas party the boss threw some coins on the dance floor for the employees to fight over. Joe's dad quit the job.

Joe Biden has suffered personal hardship, losing a wife and a daughter, and is a man deeply committed to his family.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden are committed to the Earned Income Tax Credit, which encourages work instead of punishing the working class.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden separately have plans to provide fully refundable tax credits to college students to help offset the rising cost of tuition.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden support efforts to help those who have lost their jobs to "Free Trade" knowing that Americans want to work, and they deserve the tools to do so.

Barack Obama for President! Joe Biden for Vice President!