Friday News: Bigotry prevails


TRANSGENDER WOMAN ARRESTED AFTER BATHROOM CONFLICT: Police told the customer Lloyd was allowed to use the women’s restroom, The Shelby Star reports. While officers were at the scene, Lloyd came outside the business and yelled an expletive, according to the report. The customer who initially complained went back into the restaurant, where Lloyd spit toward him and his family, police say. Lloyd was taken to jail and charged with disorderly conduct, according to the arrest report. Denny’s, which has restaurants across the United States and in other countries, says it doesn’t “tolerate discrimination” and expects its customers to treat people equally. “Our bathrooms policies across the country allow guests to use the bathroom of their gender identity,” company spokesperson Hannah Rand wrote in an email to McClatchy.

AFTER SOCIAL MEDIA THREATS, LGBTQ CHILDREN WILL NOT RIDE FLOAT IN SPARTA PARADE: Alarmed by the number of disparaging and threatening posts on social media, float organizers have asked those under 18 years old not to be on or walk alongside the float as it works its way down the main street of this picturesque mountain town 70 miles northwest of Winston-Salem. Instead, the young people will watch from a designated "cheering section," a measure that float organizers said they are taking as a safety precaution. Some of the social media posts have talked about throwing tomatoes at the float; another person mentioned he had a paintball gun. Another person mentioned a high likelihood of gunfire and that people should stay away. Allen said she and others in the float committee are taking these posts as threats. Sparta Police Chief Bob Lane said his office is investigating the comments. "We're aware of the complaints. It seems to be more Facebook chatter than anything but we are investigating," he said.

JUDGE GRANTS MIKE CAUSEY CONTROL OF GREG LINDBERG'S INSURANCE COMPANIES?: North Carolina’s insurance commissioner is taking over four insurance companies controlled by a businessman charged with trying to make political bribes. A Raleigh-based state judge issued an order on Thursday allowing Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey to take over the companies that are controlled by Greg Lindberg and based in the state. Causey said in a legal filing that he had concerns about whether the companies had enough liquidity to meet obligations. An attorney for Lindberg, Aaron Tobin, issued a statement saying Lindberg and company officials agreed to the rehabilitation process and have been working with regulators. Lindberg was charged earlier this year with bribery and conspiracy charges alleging that he sought to make political bribes (to Mike Causey) in exchange for easier oversight of his companies.

TRUMP SEZ CONTINENTAL ARMY TOOK OVER THE AIRPORTS: First, it’s clear the president was having some issues reading the teleprompter, which led to a number of errors. But that doesn’t explain the apparent conflation of two wars fought three decades apart. In the first part, Trump mentions Valley Forge, crossing the Delaware and Yorktown, all of which occurred during the Revolutionary War. Then he says, “And at Fort McHenry ...” and describes the battle in which the national anthem was written. This battle was fought in 1814 during the War of 1812. Then there’s the claim the Army — in either 1775 or 1814 or some time in between? — “took over the airports.” Odd considering that earlier in the speech Trump noted the Wright brothers first flew at Kitty Hawk in 1903. Was it another ad-lib born of too-small teleprompter type? Who knows? But by late Thursday night, #RevolutionaryWarAirportStories was trending on Twitter.

BETSY DEVOS REVOKES OBAMA RULE THAT HELD FOR-PROFIT PRIVATE COLLEGES ACCOUNTABLE: Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Friday officially repealed an Obama-era regulation that sought to crack down on for-profit colleges and universities that produced graduates with no meaningful job prospects and mountains of student debt they could not hope to repay. The so-called gainful employment rule was issued by the Obama administration in 2014, right before huge for-profit chains collapsed, leaving students stranded with debt and worthless degrees. Under the new standards, career and certificate programs, many of which operate in the for-profit sector, would have to prove their graduates could find gainful employment to maintain access to federal financial aid. It also would have required schools to disclose in advertisements a comparison of the student debt load of their graduates and their career earnings. In her first two years in office, Ms. DeVos has delayed critical parts of the rule, and last year, she sought to repeal it entirely, siding with for-profit industry leaders and congressional conservatives who have contended that the Obama administration unfairly targeted for-profit schools.