Friday Morning Action Plan

.....because you just knew I wasn't going to let you sit around on your butts and let our Constitution get ripped to shreds.

Today we're playing catch-up. We are going to revisit any of this week's action plans we didn't have time to follow through with.

Monday's plan can be found here. We phoned our Senators, Dole and Burr. We asked them (or their staffers) where the Senator stood on the Feingold censure resolution and we gave them our opinion for support of censure. They need to know they have constituents who support this resolution even if there is a snowball's chance on a warm day they would vote for it. If you prefer, you may email.

The rest are below the fold...

Tuesday's plan can be found here. On Tuesday we typed letters to all the Dem Senators and mailed them. Simple statements of support of censure will make an impression if they receive a flood of them. Why letters? They are the second most effective contact next to a phone call.

Wednesday's plan is here. On Wednesday we sent LTE's to local papers. A sample is given and the "take action" section Lance put together makes this very easy.

I know some people think I'm just banging my head against the wall. I might be. This is only a dead issue if we let it die. Keep up the rhetoric.

Sharpen your pencils and your wit because next week we are taking on the imbeciles who think selling off our national forests is a good idea. Have a great weekend!



In case I forget to tell you

you are the very, very best blogging friend the world has ever known. Your dedication and persistence and good humor are so inspiring. And if you ever need a head to bang against the wall, use mine. Yours is way to valuable!

Gee Thanks A!

I love to beat the crap outta guys. I've just never before received as nice an invitation to do it.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.