Friday fracking video


Half-ass reporting...

At about 3:30 in the video, the reporter references an "independent study," which shows all the money that would supposedly be lost if Prop 112 passes. Regardless of whom you're dealing with, it always pays to do at least a little research on research that is presented. And that is triply so when the oil & gas industry is involved:

The Common Sense Policy Roundtable is a non-profit created by Starboard Group and EIS Solutions to control and fund the research conducted by the University of Colorado Boulder.

Lem Smith (link is external) is a funder and board member for CSPR. He is also the Director for U.S. Government and Regulatory Affairs for Encana, one of the largest fracking corporations in Colorado. In CSPR pamphlets from 2011, Encana is listed as a “partner.” Smith is also on the board of Western Energy Alliance, an oil and gas front group known for its aggressive tactics. Smith is also chairman of the Colorado Petroleum Association.

In addition to Encana, CSPR pamphlets list multiple other oil and gas companies as “partners.”

T. Scott Martin is chairman and CEO of EE3, an oil and gas company based in Colorado. He also sits on the board and funds CSPR.

Boardmembers like Lem Smith and T. Scott Martin are expected to contribute at least $150,000 to CSPR every year.

CSPR was created by the Starboard Group and staffed in part by EIS Solutions – two PR firms with close ties to the oil and gas industry, including the billionaire Koch brothers. Earlier this year, the two firms were revealed to be behind a web of front groups in Colorado that oppose regulations on fracking.

As a political fundraiser, Kristin Strohm, CSPR's founder and chair, has successfully solicited major funding from the Koch brothers. While Strohm was the finance director for Mike Coffman’s congressional campaign, in which Coffman benefited from ads run by Americans for Prosperity, the Koch brother’s flagship political group. Through Strohm, Coffman also received the maximum possible donation allowed by law from David Koch.

Starboard Group lists Americans for Prosperity Foundation as a former client. American for Prosperity is also a member of Vital for Colorado, a front group that shares an address with CSPR and counts Kristin Strohm in their leadership.

If that's "independent," I'll eat my oil-dripping hardhat. I...don't really have one of those, but I would totes eat one if you can prove me wrong.