Free speech flare up

Wonder of wonders. The Pope-a-Dope Center has sponsored a new poll that finds free speech restricted on UNC campuses. These wingnuts are so predictable it's like deja vu over and over and over again.

Aren't these the same jerks who plant students in classes to snitch on faculty that may be contaminating virgin minds with the horrors of progressive thought? Aren't these the same people who single out faculty members they disagree with for ridicule and harrassment?

The center goes on to say:

“UNC should treat this report the same way it would treat a report saying that there were hazardous conditions at many campuses,” Leef said. “It should act now, rather than waiting for trouble to develop.”

I'll tell you what UNC should do with the trash that comes from the Pope Center for Higher Education . . . flush it down the toilet where it belongs.



Of course if ScAlito

gets confirmed, we'll all have our hands full fighting off wingnut intrusion into every aspect of personal freedom.

For Hire! Another Pope mouth piece!

Or having neo-con Dr Adams of UNCW claiming that you were a member
of the communist party and he can prove it since he was a
former communist while being brainwash at the University
of Mississippi during his frat party days. By the way, Dr
Adams speaking fees are being paid by the Rope a Dope Pope
foundation empire at the moment due to shortage of communists
to beat on at Chapel Hill.

Holy shit!

I knew we had a shortage of commies around here, but WTF? Maybe I'll have to revisit my party affiliation for the occasion . . . right after I burn a few American flags and aid and abet some terrists.

NOTE TO NSA: This is a joke. Please do not come and arrest me. I am a peace loving patriot.