Free Photo ID Card: $28. Another Suppressed Vote? Priceless.

As states implement their new voter photo ID rules, a few minor hitches have begun to appear. In South Carolina, right next door:

We have 178,000 registered voters without current state-issued picture identification cards. We have ample record of persons who are unable to get certified copies of their birth certificates (a requirement to get those new IDs), and due to various reasons the state Republicans never bothered to consider, apparently. For example, you need a birth certificate to get a South Carolina ID card; yet, you need a valid ID card to get a copy of your South Carolina birth certificate. How's that for a Catch 22?

In Wisconsin, a young, white male attempted to get his free Voter ID at the DMV. When things started looking iffy, his mother turned on her cell phone's video recorder. Short version: To get your free Voter ID card in Wisconsin, please provide a bank statement showing current activity and bring $28. (Unless You  specifically ask Them  for a free Voter ID, the DMV won't offer you the ID card for free). BTW: Wisconsin plans to close as many as ten DMV offices across the state so they can expand hours in other offices to handle Voter ID traffic. Per the Associated Press:

One Democratic lawmaker said Friday it appeared the decisions were based on politics, with the department targeting offices for closure in Democratic areas and expanding hours for those in Republican districts.

Can you say Ken Blackwell? Of course, nothing like that would happen in North Carolina...

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Manchurian Voters?

Why bother with the DMV when it’s so much easier to get quality IDs in bulk from China? A story in the WaPo describes how easy it might be:

When the fleeing motorcycle hit the curb, scraped past a utility pole and hurled 20-year-old Craig Eney to his death, a bogus South Carolina driver’s license was in the hip pocket of his jeans.

In an era when terrorism and illegal immigration have transformed driver’s licenses into sophisticated mini-documents festooned with holograms and bar codes, beating the system has never been easier.

Just wire money to “the Chinese guy.”

“He’s like some sort of genius in China,” said a 19-year-old for whom Eney bought shots that night. “Every kid in Annapolis has one of his licenses.”

The “Chinese guy” — whose e-mail address is passed around on college campuses and among high school kids — is actually a Chinese company that mails untold thousands of fake driver’s licenses to the United States. They have been turning up in states from coast to coast.

An ordinary Chinese get-rich-quick fraud? Or just maybe, a conservative Voter ID plot to overrun our sacred American polling places with Manchurian Voters?!

Could be! Could be! All I know is, Everything you know is wrong!

Two can play the voting conspiracy nonsense.