Foxx's Fealty Foreshadows Fall?

RealValues points out a Winston-Salem piece about Democratic chances of picking up some US House seats next fall. Here's what NCDP Chair Jerry Meek had to say aobut NC-5: "One thing voters don't want right now are elected officials who will toe the party line in Washington. That's what Virginia Foxx does." That's true, but there are many months before November 2006 in which that can change; with Foxx—as with Taylor and Hayes—the pressure must stay on.

More from the piece [emphasis mine]:

Rep. Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill., is the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. It's his job to recruit candidates nationwide to run against Republican incumbents. He said he has talked with two prospective candidates to run against Foxx - including Winston-Salem Mayor Allen Joines.

Emanuel would not identify the other prospective candidate.

Foxx, a first-term representative, defeated Democrat Jim Harrell last year 59 percent to 41 percent. According to the 2006 Almanac of American Politics, President Bush carried the district, which it describes as "solidly Republican" in both 2000 and 2004 with 66 percent of the vote.

Foxx said she is not thinking about her re-election, and is instead focused on meeting the needs of her constituents.

Asked if she would try to distance herself from President Bush and national Republicans next year, she said she would not.

"I think (Republicans) are doing a lot of positive things, but the mainstream media is so liberal. It does a good job of aiding and abetting Democrats, and it only focuses on the negative," she said.

Winston-Salem Journal | Democrats should offer voters hope, experts say

That's pretty much exactly the kind of stuff we want to hear from Foxx. If you live in her district, send her a hearty "Right On, Sister!" email. RealValues's response:

Yes Virginia, the liberal media got us bogged down in Iraq, and the liberal media lied about WMDs to get us there too. And the liberal media botched the Katrina response, and the liberal media failed to put together an energy plan to combat high gas prices. Oh yeah, and the liberal media chose to put tax cuts and divisive social agenda items ahead of education, transportation, and healthcare. Yeah, its all the fault of the liberal media.

Real Values: DCCC Looking at NC-5