Foxx Attacks Roger Sharpe

Virginia Foxx has this to say on her website:

"My Democrat opponent does not understand the threat that illegal immigration poses on our security and our way of life. He and I strongly disagree on how to address this issue. My opponent proudly supports giving citizenship to illegal immigrants as a way to secure our borders. I believe those who break the law to come to America should not be rewarded for it. He is simply out of touch on the issue of illegal immigration and every other issue that is important to the people of the 5th district."

Well, I had to retort:

Ms. Foxx, following in the footsteps of Bush and Tom DeLay, chooses to distort Roger’s positions and use straw-man arguments rather than debate the issues.

Roger never advocated giving citizenship to all illegal immigrants. Like the United States Senate, he favors a path to citizenship for those working here already under certain guidelines.

Those immigrants, who are already here, contributing to society and the economy, have nothing to do with national security.

Roger supports increasing the border patrol to prevent terrorists and illegal immigrants from entering this country unfettered. Ms. Foxx left that out of her statement.

But what is more telling is that Ms. Foxx never mentions her corporate cronies, those who hire the illegal immigrants and profit from their cheap labor.

Ms. Foxx could never do that, because these are the people that have bought and paid for her campaign. These are the people that have contributed to her million dollar war chest.

Make no mistake, when Virginia Foxx talks about illegal immigration, she doesn't care about lost jobs in the 5th District that have been outsourced. She and her allies in Congress support it. She doesn't care about the immigrants or their place in our already struggling economy.

Ms. Foxx cares about getting elected. That's it. Once back in office, Ms. Foxx will continue to do the same nothing about illegal immigration that she has for the past two years.

If Ms. Foxx is really serious about immigration reform, she should support, as Roger does, heavy sanctions on those who employ illegal immigrants. But she can't do that because those corporations are her constituents. Not the working people of the 5th Districts, but the companies that lay those people off, that outsource their jobs, that look for those willing to work for the lowest possible wage.

Ms. Foxx can attack Roger on this issue all she likes using the tried and true Republican scare tactics. But Roger will not back down. Ms. Foxx is now getting what she has called for so many times: an opponent with solutions. An opponent who wants to do something rather than blame someone else for their own shortcomings. An opponent who will stand up and say "NO!" when invited to mudsling and divide the people.

So I invite you know, Ms. Foxx, to continue these lies and deceptions. Roger will answer every one in kind with the truth. The people of the 5th District have seen your record for the past two years. They see through your smoke and mirrors game.

Unlike you, Ms. Foxx, Roger wants to empower the people of the 5th District rather than insult their intelligence.

Also, unlike you, Ms. Foxx, Roger will not be bullied. Roger will not be intimidated. Roger will not back down.

So you go back to Washington, Ms. Foxx ,and you tell your lobbyist friends, and your corporate friends, and your big oil friends. You go back and tell them that Roger Sharpe is coming.


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Foxx is a tool of the Bush administration. She obviously hasn't seen that the tune is changing. One day we'll thank her for being tone deaf.

This is good.

When an incumbent feels obliged to attack a challenger, it's a sure sign there's anxiety in the campaign.

FOXX = George Bush = Bad for America = Bad for North Carolina

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You really should start a letter to the editor team in your area. Till then, we have a lte team here that could help.

Foxx's Website

Maybe Vermin designed it for her. You know they are buds now.


Foxx in the Foxhouse

AP Wire: Congresswoman Foxx visits Persian Gulf region

Aug 1, 2006 : 2:19 pm ET

AMMAN, Jordan -- Fifth District Congresswoman Virginia Foxx is among a small group of lawmakers touring the Persian Gulf.

Foxx left Saturday afternoon, and flew all night to Kuwait, then took a helicopter to Baghdad. She spent a day there, then flew to another military base.

Foxx says she met with American troops and officers. She says she also met with Iraqi officials, including the minister of the interior, who told her that Iraq will overcome its challenges because the Iraqi people have the will to defeat the terrorists.

She also says the Iraqis want to be free and have a Democracy, adding the Iraqi people are extremely committed, showing that commitment by building a country and fighting at the same time.

Foxx says she expects to be back at home on Wednesday.

Foxx also says she taught the insurgents something about dirty tricks.

Foxx also says that every home in Iraq has flowers on the front porch and children laughing in the streets.

Foxx also says that she is not nuttier than a fruitcake, but perhaps nuttier than a Moonpie.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

she went to baghdad, huh?

i'm betting that she never saw the outside of the "green zone" while she was there.

i think it was jon stewart who said something to this effect: spending all your time in the green zone and saying that you've been to baghdad is like eating at olive garden and telling all your friends that you went to italy.