FoxNews promotes stereotypes of NC mountain folk

FoxNews, is doing a series on "Food Stamp Binges" and, in the latest segment, turn their cameras on Ashe County, NC.

The basic idea in the piece is that they're shocked - SHOCKED! I tell you - that the Federal government gets social workers to encourage people who are eligible for food stamps to take them if they don't apply for them or refuse them.

If you have lived in Ashe County or anywhere in Appalachia, this report will make you ill - they trot out all the stereotypes about "mountain pride" with some kind of twisted logic that the "gov'ment" is taking away their rights by offering them help.

The way they portray the area and people is about on the level of an MTV reality show or "Deliverance" - dilapidated cabins, banjos, and talking about the place like it's right out of "Tobacco Road".

Click here if you want to check out this garbage.