Former Governor Jim Hunt Rallies for Larry Kissell

Former Governor Jim Hunt campaigned for Larry Kissell in Richmond County at the Rockingham Speedway. According to a friend in attendance, as the crowd of around 300 filled the event area Hunt said he didn't know there was a candidate in North Carolina who could draw a crowd that size.

There's more about the event from the Richmond Daily Journal:

Hunt and Kissell shook hands with supporters and greeted old friends in the Speedway garages before the rally began. Hunt explained why he supports Kissell in his race to the House of Representatives.

“This is a county of hard working people, that’s why having a congressman who supports raising minimum wage is important,” Hunt said before the rally began. “That’s why we need a congressman who doesn’t want to privatize Social Security, who doesn’t want to send industry overseas. And that’s the biggest difference between Larry Kissell and Robin Hayes.”

In 2006 readers at BlueNC were informed about almost every campaign event held for Larry Kissell. With so many candidates to cover, we aren't getting all the news on some of our favorites. Larry is even busier than he was in 2006. Everyone is stepping up to campaign for him and there are fundraisers, rallies, meetings, coffees, barbecues, canvasses and phone banks every single day.

The Kissell ground game is stronger than ever and Larry Kissell is working harder than ever. That's more than likely one reason why Hunt chose to step up and help Larry win.

Hunt concluded by highlighting Kissell’s background as a school teacher who doesn’t owe anybody in Washington. Hunt called Kissell “one of the finest young men I have ever met,” a man who will study the problems and figure out how to fix them, “for us.”

“I believe in this man,” Hunt said to enthusiastic applause as he challenged Kissell to “look out for our children” and their education and welcomed him to the podium.

Larry was greeted with a standing ovation from a packed crowd. Oh what a difference a couple of years make.