Forest trackers needed

In the spirit of uncovering hypocrisy and irresponsible government, I'm taking time each day to document the worst of the worst, specifically in the form of Dan Forest. If you have minutes to spare, please help in this effort.

The project started with I noticed that the lieutenant governor's office has a budget of nearly $800,000. And what are we getting for that money each year? A parade of pandering, photo ops, lies, and stupidity that should be embarrassing to anyone interested in good government. So join in, if you can. Send me shady things you're noticing, or better yet, post them to the Facebook page.



UNCG speaker...

I overheard a UNCG student saying something about Danny bringing a controversial speaker to their campus - I don't remember if it was a white nationalist neo-nazi or what exactly. Do you already know about that? If not, I can try to ask the student.

I don't know about it ...

... but it doesn't surprise me. Dandy seems to be one of those bigoted Christians who thinks Jesus had blue eyes, light skin, and was born to a blond virgin named Mary.

If you can find out anything, I'd appreciate it.