Forbes labels Raleigh as #2 Boom Town

Forbes Magazine has published a list of the next Boom Towns in the US. Raleigh is number 2, Charlotte is number 8. According to Forbes:

Raleigh has experienced the second-highest overall population increase and the third-highest job growth over the past two decades in the U.S. It also ranked among those regions seeing the biggest jump in new immigrants and is the No. 1 city for families with young children. The area is a magnet for technology companies fleeing the more expensive, congested and highly regulated northeast corridor. Affordable housing and short commute times are no doubt highly attractive to recent college graduates and millennials looking to start families.

No cities in South Carolina made the list. It seems that to Forbes, the level of regulation here in NC is just fine, thank you very much. It would seem, yet again, that South Carolina is not our competition.


WCPSS is the 16th largest school district in the US

Wake County Public School System has the 16th largest student enrollment in the United States. Despite having one of the lowest per-student expenditures in the country, we've long been considered an educational leader. The U.S. Department of Education holds us up as an excellent example of quality education districtwide, and our magnet school applications have always been viewed favorably.

It's such a shame to see the GOP/Tea Party members of the General Assembly trying to tear apart WCPSS student by student, building brick by building brick, school board member by school board member.