Folwell's Folly: Fractured networks could be very costly for state employees


Our incompetent Treasurer is playing Russian Roulette with health care:

Hospitals and providers were given a July 1 deadline to sign the Clear Pricing Project contract or be considered as out of network to SHP on Jan. 1, 2020. Folwell said Wednesday that 27,000 medical providers have signed the contract.

However, just three of the state’s 126 hospitals have done so. Cone Health of Greensboro said on July 1 that it would not sign the contract, saying it would cost the health-care system at least $26 million.

Still don't have a firm grasp of all the moving parts of this thing, but it's a good bet going through a medical procedure will be a lot more complicated if it isn't stopped. Some patients may end up spending less, but others will probably pay more, and the onus is on the General Assembly to throw the brakes on until we can assess the value/damage:

Among the state’s health-care systems, UNC Health Care appears to be the most active with its opposition to the contract. That includes submitting a counterproposal to the contract to Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper and Republican legislative leaders.

The pressure to sign the contract or go out of network will increase — as likely will the rhetoric on both sides — as the early fall timeline approaches for SHP participants to choose which providers they want for 2020 coverage.

House Bill 184, which would block Folwell’s initiative for at least a year in favor of a legislative study report, cleared the N.C. House by a 75-36 vote April 3. It has yet to be acted upon in the N.C. Senate since being sent to the Rules and Operations Committee April 4. Senate leader Phil Berger, R-Rockingham, has signaled he has no desire to take up HB184.

To hell with your "desire." That House vote tells you a substantial number in your own party are concerned about this, so you need to take action. And by "take action" I don't mean burying it in Committee.