Fish have more rights than women

Ok, that title is a bit of an exaggeration, but I'm sure I can be forgiven to taking this discussion to the next level. Women have tried for decades to pass an Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution, a straight-forward way to legally recognize women as persons before the law. Women have tried for decades to get all levels of government to recognize that women have the right to consult with their doctor and make decisions regarding their own health without governmental interference. It hasn't happened yet.

Women cannot get government recognition of their rights. Meaning, women cannot get men to recognize that women have rights, too. (Sorry, guys, many of you are simply great about this.)

But let there be vague, and even imagined, threats to the use of firearms and hunting, and men are all over that. Sen. Andrew Brock of Mocksville, Sen. Bucky Newton of Wilson and Sen. Jim Davis of Franklin have introduced an amendment to the state constitutions that would protect the

“right of the people to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife ... subject to laws and regulations to promote wildlife conservation and management, to maintain natural resources in trust for public use, and to preserve the future of hunting and fishing.”

Brock says the amendment “makes perfect sense” because “we’ve come under attack recently by activist groups, anti-gun groups and anti-hunting and fishing groups.”

“It’s something that’s needed now and needed for future generations,” Brock said. “We want to make sure we pass on the traditions that we inherited that made the United States and North Carolina so great.”

He says a successful constitutional referendum – if legislators vote to add it to the November ballot – would be “a firm affirmation that the people support hunting and fishing in North Carolina.”

Thanks to Colin Campbell for reporting on this.

Ladies, not that it comes as news to you, but we now have evidence of where we stand with this General Assembly. A man's right to hunt and fish is more important then our right to make our own decisions. Still second-class citizens, after all these years. Even though, our rights have been threatened, too! And by activist groups, no less!

To members of the General Assembly, I would humbly beseech you to set the request for hunting and shooting rights on the back burner until you have passed the Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution. As the 1970's arguments against the ERA included the fear of, (Heaven help us!), men and women using the same bathroom facilities, court rulings on HB 2 can put that issue to rest and allow you to pass the ERA with a clear conscious.

Thank you for your consideration of women as actual persons.

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