First Tata, then Vos: leaving under a cloud

Gov. McCroriy's cronies are an embarassment.

The GOP swept into office in large part due to serial embarrassments from Democratic leadership under Gov.Mike Easley (and his wife) and Speaker Jim Black. So, now as they like to say in Raleigh, "what goes around comes around."

Today, in a last minute Friday news dump, NC DHHS revealed that the department was served subpoenas inl August prior to Sec. Vos' announcement that she was departing Raleigh and stepping down as a member of Gov. Pat McCrory's cabinet as head of the huge Dept. of Health and Human Services.. WRAL and the N&O broke the story on Twitter, and WRAL followed with Laura Leslie lead off the 6pm news with the story of what they called an investigation, and which NC DHHS spokesperson called a "process."

The crux of the story is that over $2 miilion may have been mishandled. Since this was Medicaid funding, about 2/3 of the money came from the Feds. Read the details in WRAL story here. WRAL also posted the actual DOJ subpoenas.



The unfettered candy store

within North Carolina government is now (as expected) unraveling thanks to the United States government. On a positive note, imagine how much more money could have been stolen if the State had accepted Medicaid expansion many months ago?

I suspect there will eventually be some "players" identified in this fiasco that will surprise. Self-serving enrichment and stupidity will be no match for the sharpness of the federal government's guillotine.