First of Future Occasional Updates on Goodwin for Insurance Commissioner Campaign

Here is a brief update on my campaign for Insurance Commissioner campaign. I'll be providing more occasional updates as time goes by. Starting in mid-May, nonpartisan, political and insurance industry organizations have all been hosting or scheduling fora or informal debates for voters to meet the candidates for Insurance Commissioner.

The bottom line is this: Notwithstanding all the attention being rightly paid to the presidential, Senatorial, and gubernatorial contests, this open seat for NC Insurance Commissioner is one to watch because of all that is at stake. Every person, every family, every business and every government has insurance of one form or another. Whom voters choose to become the insurance regulator in 2008 is vital. Of course, at BlueNC this is like preaching to the choir!



The general public doesn't know what this position entails. They have no idea. I had no idea until talking to you.


Wayne, where can I find an easy-to-copy list of people endorsing you?

Reply to James

Would you like the list of truncated - yet still substantial (150+) - list of persons and groups that have endorsed me .... or, would you like the FULL list of those folks/groups PLUS all the persons who indicated their endorsement on their reply forms with their qualifying contribution (both groups combined coming to 1,300+ persons or groups)?

The first group is one that I can send you today from my website (which is being remodeled and is temporarily down). The second, much larger, group will not be completely available until probably next week because we're still doing data entry. We may have it done by the weekend.

Whichever list you want is yours, my friend!

Maybe you can just post 'em here!

People need to see how widely supported you are. I can't think of a better place to start than right here. Then others will have the list and can send it to friends who will be asking about the race as things heat up.


Wayne, we'll be looking for you to visit Moore County

again to do some educating about the position you seek. As soon as we have meetings scheduled, I'll shoot you an email and see where you have a spot and we have a spot. People need to know how important this position is.

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