First, do no harm

You have to laugh when lieutenants in Art Pope's right-wing militia start getting philosophical. This latest from one of the clones reveals hypocrisy taken to new heights.

The subject in this case is property rights. And before we dive in, let me say that I generally agree with the wingers on some key issues here. Standing in for John Hood today, Daren Bakst writes:

This is a critical time for private property rights in North Carolina. The work the committee does now could affect North Carolinians for generations to come. If the committee members do cause harm and make mistakes, it is much better that they err on the side of protecting individual rights than ensuring that government has necessary power.

That seems fair enough as far as it goes . . . but do these guys really believe in "First, do no harm?"

Is that why they plant mini-Popes in UNC classrooms and attack UNC professors? Is that why they stand smugly by without calling Dear Leader to account for his imperial presidency? Is that what they mean when we blow the hell out of a country that posed NO THREAT to the United States or its citizens? Is that what they mean when they don't condemn funding cuts for disabled children and students? Is that what they mean when they endorse unfettered advertising for unhealthy foods directed to children? Is that what they mean when they gush about the rights of freedom-lovin' Mericans to drive gas hogs and revel in their sprawl?

First do no harm. Yeah, right. Just another winger talking point.


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Protecting Individual Rights...

that will bite you in the ass every time. As I have written elsewhere, a while back I went through a downtime where I sat and considered how I felt about issues - rather than just responding with my gut. Then, I decided that I had to stick to my underlying principles, even when it was hard. This is what I came up with - Personal Liberty.
Personal Liberty gives you reproductive rights,
but it also gives you the right to own a gun.

Personal Liberty keeps you free from illegal search and seizure,
but it also gives access to the lottery.

Personal Liberty allows you to burn your flag ; )
but it also allows Republicans the opportunity to try and ban burning the flag.

So, to Daren Bakst I would say this - careful what you wish for. The personal liberty that gives you property rights, also gives me the right to sue my doctor when they screw up, to ask the State and Federal Government for every file concerning meetings between your group and any representative, and the right to vote.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.