Finally D.C. pays attention to Cal Cunningham as a serious challenge to Burr

Finally, Cal Cunningham is getting some attention among the D.C. elite. Unfortunately, it isn't the DSCC, but Roll Call, part of the Hill media.

But some recent chatter has begun to focus on the potential candidacy of Cal Cunningham (D), a lawyer and former state Senator who served in the Iraq War and is currently part of the Army Reserve Judge Advocate General Corps.

“I’m having conversations with friends and fellow Democrats,” Cunningham said on Wednesday. “We’re taking a very close and very serious look at this race.”


“I know that for North Carolina and for the Democratic Party here that I need to make a timely decision,” he said.

Former Tar Heel state Democratic Party Chairman Jerry Meek said this week that if Cunningham were to enter the race, he would be someone who would have to be taken seriously.

The piece is pretty interesting. Make sure to visit Roll Call, which is typically subscription only, and read the entire piece.


Very good piece

Most important it actually puts things in context of 2008. Hagan didn't get into the race until October, and she wasn't the clear favorite until many months later. All the handwringing and concern trolling from Raleigh media acting like the race is over because its June and Democrats don't have an annointed candidate is frustrating as heck.

I agree that Burr will be a difficult opponent, and the sooner we start the better, but I am really sick of an underlying "the Democrats can't do this" from people who thought Dole was going to win up until about November 1st of 2008.

"Keep the Faith"

The National GOP is going to fight hard for Burr

If not for that I think he would be a push over. I don't think he much of a politician, he isn't a leader. He is just a follower. In this campaign he is going to have to think out side the Box in the New Carolina BLUE Tar Heel State. The state has changed alot since he won in 04. I don't think he really understand just how much becuase he is out of touch with the state because he has been in washington so long! As a congressman and now as Senator.

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!

The issue...

is fundamentally that North Carolina plays little into the decision-making UNLESS a candidate announces and starts making traction with both the Democratic primary electorate and, to a certain extent, the general public. We can all stand here and shake our fist at the big, bad DSCC...but I assure you that will not stop them from doing what they want.

What we CAN do is, if we find a candidate we believe in, like Sen. Cunningham, is to let the DSCC know A) why we support him, B) how much we plan to financially support him, and C) why he can win against Sen. Burr. Remember, this all comes down to money, as much as we wish it didn't. The DSCC wants a candidate with easy money and name recognition, which is why they are going for the "easy" candidates who are already in office and who already have a substantial war chest. It's just that simple.

But I think Sen. Cunningham would make a great Democratic nominee, and even better U.S. Senator! It's up to us to act now or else others will act for us. I thank Frank Eaton for starting the ball rolling with his Draft Cunningham for U.S. Senate Facebook page. It's just one small step...

Heres what he needs to do....

He needs to get on the National Media and get his name out there and start throwing stones at Burr. Look at the Congressman from Pennsyvania how is thinking of running against Specter, Joe Sestak. He is all over the Media. I had never heard of him but I think I like him better than Specter and I think that the People of Pennsylvania will too. I don't know Cunningham and I think he needs to get his name out there on the National Level and on the Local Level across the state.

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!

I'd love to see a few candidates

get in on the primary, and have several well publicized debates.

Get the whole state of NC thinking about the election in terms of which democrat is the best? I think about 2 or 3 to 5 guys & gals debating the issues publicly without any involvement on Burrs part would only build name recognition & support for whichever democrat came out head after the primary.

Great Idea!

That would help getting the names out there.

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!

Martin & Cunningham

Grier Martin and Cal Cunningham at last year's Jefferson Jackson dinner before Cunningham returned to Iraq.

Captain Cunningham in Iraq

Cal Cunningham,North Carolina,US Senate,Richard Burr,Iraq

This shot was taken about two months earlier, during one of Cal's many trips into the red zone. Here he waits to get off a C-130 in Anbar Province during a field investigation.

(And in "CC for Senate 2010" Facebook group news:

Former State House Rep. (D-Alamance) Bertha Merrill "B." Holt endorses Cal in the comments section:

"I am ALL for Cal Cunningham for Senate. He is the correct one to run." B.Holt)

These Things Just Take Time

The great thing about a guy like Cal is that, the more you see and hear him, the more you realize how uniquely qualified he is. Sure, in the DC eyes, all they see are $, especially those Heath Shuler can raise. However, and I agree with Phil on this, the BlueNC folks and, to a greater extent, progressive voices across the state, need to come out early and often trumpeting folks in whom we believe and will actively support.

There are so many advantage to a Cal candidacy that pols with larger strategy mindsets outside of North Carolina are missing. And that's fine, because ultimately, we are the folks who decide what's going to happen - at the ballot box. I would expect more news and press in the coming weeks. After all, it only takes one snowflake to start an avalanche.

-- A liberal originally from Yadkin County. Did I just blow your mind?

Whatever happened to

Whatever happened to liberal anti-establishment attitude? Are we so bought out by the political class that we have forgotten our roots?

I would prefer that my representatives do not receive positive attention from elites in D.C. Let us not forget that for 8 terrible years under Bush, those are the same slimy elites that supported the War in Iraq. Those are the same elites who have continued to finance the war for 6 years. Those are the same elites who bailout corporations like GM and banks like J.P. Morgan, while states are struggling to pay teachers their already meager salary.

Let's not get automatically excited that some D.C. fat cats give attention to a candidate. We should question the establishment, as liberals have done for ages.