The Final Push: One Week Left in Session

The legislative session of the General Assembly is set to end on Friday, but there are still many items that need to be taken care of. First on the list is the minimum wage increase, which needs to pass the Senate as a stand alone bill, the ethics reforms, which need to work their way through the Senate, the landfill moratorium, which needs to pass both as a stand alone bill, and a number of bills that passed each chamber in slightly different forms. So as you wake up this fine Monday morning (at least here in Raleigh) remember that the legislative session does not end with the budget. We will need your help as the week wears on to let the representatives know that the people are watching as the lobbyists will be trying to influence these last few bills.



There is a possibility of extending the session, but my assumption with the small amount that we pay these fellows is that they need to get back to making an actual living.

Important diary!

Many of these hard fought bills need to be passed (minimum wage, ethics reform, etc)! We can't let them off the hook. I wish that the pilot program for clean elections was in the mix too!

Clean cars?

Whatever happened to the Clean Cars bill? I think it was to require California emissions standards and higher MPG, among other things. That one should not be allowed to die with gas at $3/gallon.

I think that it has

I have not seen direct confirmation of its demise, but I think that it has pretty much gone. Environmentalists must be banking on a democratic majority coming back.

Clean Smokestacks

passed a couple years ago. Cars are the other large source of air pollution. This is not something that should be allowed to wait.

The GOP is doing everything it can to kill mass transit in the Triangle, so cleaner cars is the most obvious way to reduce air pollution in NC. It would be foolish for the environmentalists to count on a continued Dem majority - the margin is just too close.