Fight Voter Fatigue and Promote Voter Education: Watch Video of Dem Council of State Candidates Today

All too often we hear about voters who vote for candidates appearing at the "top of the ticket" and forget to continue choosing from other Statewide candidates below Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General.

It is not unusual for at least 10% of voters to drop off, leaving many parts of their ballot unmarked.

While some folks blame voter fatigue, I believe just as many ignore the "down ballot" races because they do not know anything about these offices or the backgrounds - or just the names - of these candidates. (This is quite sad given the vital role the Council of State offices have in our daily lives.)

Living in the video age and as members of the MTV generation, the Democratic candidates for the North Carolina Council of State have prepared a video - for the first time ever - that will help address this problem head on.

The video provides very informative information about these Executive Branch offices up for election in 2008.

Please go to the accompanying YouTube link and watch this short video.

Then share it with everyone you know by email or download it for viewing by voters in your community. I recommend that you show it at community meetings, especially prior to and during the 2008 Early Vote period between October 16 and November 1.

This way you will have done your duty to fight ballot fatigue and promote voter education!