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After a long and hard campaign season, several activists within and throughout this congressional district are working towards victory for the 2008 election. This last election taught us that while big money donors are important, a strong party infrastructure is of utmost importance. Because of this, these activists are developing strategies to organize and mobilize our district for victory.

Part of this strategy will entail a district-wide blog to help centralize communication among willing participants. The 10th district started their blog, Pat Go Bye-Bye, and Darren Staley (crowbar317) and I are committed to a similar endeavour. Basically, we hope to do in this district what you all have done for the state!

Importantly, while this blog will be for the entire congressional district, this blog would also be a valuable asset for those focused on local and state elections. This blog is not specifically for the US Congressional race. As such, this blog will be advantageous for the district and candidates (local, state, and federal) for several reasons:
- there are many loose strands of communication throughout our district, and this blog could bring everyone together on the same page
- blogs provide a platform for active discussion, while, for example, sending e-letters - which get less than a 2% respondent rate - often go unread.
- a blog inherently creates an Internet community, which develop an emotional investment to participate in district-wide activities
- a blog will reach a new and emerging demographic, previously unavailable using traditional targeting techniques
- help with the free exchange of ideas, allowing our thoughts to be sharpened by many voices, instead of a few
- help with candidate fundraising (local, state, and federal)
- help with candidate recruitment (local, state, and federal)
- help develop a volunteer base

This would be a blog within and about the 5th District. This blog will not be sponsored by the district or state parties. This is an autonomous project. We want to facilitate communication within our district. Having a party back this project could stifle the free exchange of ideas, as people not agreeing with the agenda/ideology of the party would shy away from interaction. We want full participation within our district, and as such, we will have a private blog, open to all.

I have sent this email to you because, I think that you could be helpful in the actualization of this goal.

Now the fundraising pitch. We cannot set up this site without money, and most sites like this would cost a couple of thousand of dollars to develop using web designers. One possible web designer lives in our district and would be willing to do the site for a measly $800. Again, we cannot have any local, district, or state party finance the site, as this would hurt the free exchange of ideas. So we need private donors. Can you spare $5, $10, $20, or even $50 to help us reach this goal? Think of the advantages listed above. Any offering you can afford will drastically help build the infrastructure greatly needed to achieve victory in 2008. 100% of the money donated will go to the development and upkeep of this site. Will you help us? Please email me at on how you can contribute.

Thank you all for considering our goals and helping us organize this congressional district. Any help you can offer (blog name, donations, or other thoughts and comments) are greatly appreciated.



Thanks in advance

As Drew stated earlier, we hate to go around with our hands out, but as two veterans from the Roger Sharpe campaign, Drew and I feel that the 5th is ripe for the picking.

Please know that all of us are working on a 100% volunteer basis. We are not selling ads nor beholden to any ideology. We have also, as two working class stiffs, putting up 1/4 of the cash ourselves, our time as well.

As Drew said, 100% of all monies go directly to website maintenance.

One thing I would be remiss if I did not add- our web developer is moving on to a new job in Mooresville next week, so time is a factor.

That said, any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. Both Drew and I consider BlueNC a template for netroots success and wish only to expand on the mold you have created.

Take care and thanks again!

I voted

to frontpage. Hope that helps, haha.

Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen ActBlue :::Petition

"Keep the Faith"

Thanks Blue

Every bit counts.

Don't get hung up on money

You can put up a great site using Campaign Window for free. F-R-E-E.

Or use Blogger. You don't need some fancypants consultants. Blogs are successful based on content and relationship-building. Build it, and the people will come.

Then, if you must have the fancy, there will be folks around to help punch it up.

I can't wait to make fun of Virginia Foxx at 5th District Blog. Really. I can't wait. I'm making fun of her every week at Drinking Liberally anyway, so it would be nice to have a productive place to put that.

Scrutiny Hooligans -

Thanks Hoolie

Our guy isnt a consultant, but a top-notch designer. The money will not stop us, but we can get this nice site for a low price, so we're gonna try to build a nice place to visit.

Thanks again.

So be it

Maybe ask top-notch to make it a labor of love with the promise of recompense once the traffic gets large enough for a good fund raiser?

Scrutiny Hooligans -

We're trying to build a road

smooth enough for traffic to travel on without any bumps.

Many of our contributors could use the free tech support that comes from an "inside job."

We're trying our best here in the midst of enormous pressure from all around.

We have been told that a free site would be useless, and a financed site would be too expensive, and neither would be worth very much.

Personally, I almost hope we don't come up with the money because I know if we do I'll spend every waking moment on the project. But if that is what it takes to make NC Blue through and through, I'll do it.

I'll leave this and my previous comments to stand for themselves and we'll see what happens. Thanks again for the comments and the forum.

Good Luck and good post

BlueNC is an incubator of activism, glad to see it catching on....make sure to bring a link to us when it's up and running.

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

Progressive Discussions

I'll be happy to help, too

I live in the 12th, sandwiched on either side by the 5th. Foxx summons up all that is evil within me, and she must be prepared to reap the whirlwind. That's what happens when all you do is try to divide people. Some of the divided try to hurt you.

The way I see it, you should use your blog to not only shine a bright light on Foxx's evil---you should also use it as a forum for potential candidates and to spur on potential candidates to take their cases to the people. No offense to Roger Sharpe, as he is a fine man, but a stronger candidate would have ejected the Cryptkeeper from her seat.

War is over if you want it.

Almost half-way there!

Thank you to those who took the time to contact me regarding the blog. We are about half-way there!

Can the rest of you spare $20 to help us unseat Virginia Foxx? I can't stress enough how much this blog will help us organize and mobilize the district against her. Just look at BlueNC as a larger example. We can do within the district what you have done for the state. We just need a little bit of help.

Free is fine

"We have been told that a free site would be useless..."

Useless like...Atrios?

Build it and they will come. Nothing wrong with a nice site, but the content is the thing. If you can raise money, great, but I hate to see the precedent set where grassroots bloggers feel they need a designer and a bankroll to get going.

That's exactly the reality blogging is supposed to change.

BlueNC is a free site

I think our total expenditures over the past year have been less than a couple hundred dollars.

Good points, Ed. The key is creating a simple place, easy-to-use place where people are comfortable sharing ideas.

Thanks Anglico

Our goal is definately a "simple place, easy-to-use place where people are comfortable sharing ideas." We want to build a sense of community among Democrats here in the 5th, and believe that a blog is one avenue to that goal.

And I truly appreciate your generous contribution!

The 8th District blog as well ...

The 5th and 8th Districts are basically on the same page.

Remember to check in with to keep up with and/or add to what's going on with the 8th. The time is ripe to re-claim it for the majority party in the district.

I commend BlueNC for leading the way for us all, and being the gold standard for all political bloggers!

Ed Cone plugged all three new blogs yesterday

He saw the 10th and 5th announced here at BlueNC and as soon as I posted that Wayne had started one for the 8th, he posted an update to include it.

Just keep up the posting. The hardest part is consistently putting up fresh content. It can be a real bear.

Wayne - I have some "stock" photos from the last election I'll be happy to allow you to use. (Larry, Hayes and some funny things folks did with Hayes signs. - like put them in their back yard.)

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Thanks Wayne.

I appreciate your words of support. It feels like we're tilting against windmills in the mainstream media more often than I wish.

Is there any way we can get this bumped?

I know Im throwin down $50 bucks for it, and we need as many people to contribute as possible.

This post belongs right next to the great piece on Diane Tilson and the NC-5 Watauga County Democrats at the top of this page.


It was on the front page yesterday just need to get your fanny over here more often. :)

DQ started a 10th District blog to get rid of McHenry.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.