Fetzer (who is not gay) is the first state chairman to call on Steele to resign.

Just saw this on Huff Post. Tom Fetzer (who is not gay) is the first state GOP chairman to call on RNC chair Michael Steele to resign.

Tom says that it is the only way to begin rebuilding the Republic party.




But it's not because he's black


Or maybe it IS because he's black.

Lord knows, if Tom Fester was black, he wouldn't be allowed to be chairman of the NC GOP.

If he was gay, on the other hand, no one would care. Right?

Thanks for bringing this over.

Loony Fire Them All Tom? Who is not Gay!

I wonder if Tom [ Who is not Gay] Fetzer would demand that the present GOP Governor of Virgina resign over his recent Confederate Month Proclamation and him forgetting whether Slavely ever exsisted?