Feds expanding coal ash probe to "specific individuals" in DENR

Breaking from WRAL - The federal probe into McCrory's DENR and Duke Energy has expanded to included "specific employees" and to _all_ of the coal ash sites in North Carolina.

In a separate subpoena also released by the state Wednesday, federal prosecutors ask for information related to certain Department of Environment and Natural Resources employees. Among the information those employees are commanded to produce are "All documents related to payments ... received by you from any of the Relevant Parties" and "All documents relating to receipt of an item of value received by you from any of the Relevant Parties." The relevant parties include Duke Energy and the company once known as Progress Energy, which Duke acquired two years ago.

McCrory didn't receive a subpoena.

Meanwhile, as the cost of this cleanup looks likely to get passed to NC consumers, the W-S Journal reports that Duke Energy's earnings were up 58% this quarter, in part due to the rate hikes they foisted on NC consumers.


Coal ash Wednesday

Look more and more like a bunch of McCrory minions will end up taking the fall for their boss. He'll claim plausible ignorance, which is a perfect description of his entire administration.

I doubt Duke Energy is stupid enough

to actually pay or give gifts to DENR employees. More than likely, anything like that would be whitewashed routed through campaign contributions to elected officials and/or the Republican Party itself.

Or ...

... as stocks or investments to family members and such.