FEC reports for NC House Incumbents

The FEC recently came out with its 1Q09 fundraising reports for the members of Congress. North Carolina's is as follows:

GK Butterfield: $61,080 raised, $147,144 CoH
Bob Etheridge: $156,711 raised, $772,489 CoH
Walter Jones: $16,050 raised, $9,170 CoH
David Price: $11,088 raised, $284,161 CoH
Virginia Foxx: $64,132 raised, $942,195 CoH
John Coble: $17,407 raised, $487,904 CoH
Mike McIntyre: $64,159 raised, $633,090 CoH
Larry Kissel: $164,960 raised, $137,257 CoH (with $20,000 outstanding debt)
Sue Myrick: $49,876 raised, $96,557 CoH
Patrick McHenry: $68,521 raised, $64,936 CoH (with $245,500 in outstanding debt)
Heath Shuler: $189,744 raised, $1,052,214 CoH
Melvin Watt: $14,500 raised, $100,378 CoH
Brad Miller: $43,912 raised, $37,310 CoH (with $16,506 in outstanding debt)

What does all of this mean? Probably not a whole lot.

David Price raised the least amount of money, but he's in a solidly Democratic district and has a fair amount of cash on hand. However, living in that district I wouldn't mind seeing a more liberal Democrat replace Price should he decide to retire; during the fall campaign, I met BJ Lawson at Fall Fest in Chapel Hill, and I couldn't tell that he was a Republican until he gave me a copy of the Constitution that was provided by the Cato Institute, since he was running to the left of Price on a fair number of issues.

Walter Jones has a pitiful amount of money on hand, only a little over 9,000, but he's in a safe district, with a PVI of R+16. Still, 9,000 is a really small amount of money, even for this point in the cycle.

Other than that, it seems like the people in more swing districts have raised more money, while the people in safer districts are taking it more slowly.


Will have to check, but I thought McHenry owed himself

Wasn't he charging himself interest - which he can pocket personally until the loan is repaid? Can't remember. Will double check that later.

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