Fearful Foxx and the Great ACORN Menace

It seems that the GOP organizers of health care astroturf (fake grassroots) activities are terrified that real people will crash their party.

In Mocksville (county seat of deep red Davie County) today, a Foxx event was first postponed by two hours in order to avoid a permitted counter-rally. Then, according to counter-rally organizers, Mocksville police used a flimsy excuse to revoke their permit altogether, and order the small crowd of mostly senior citizens to disburse.

I was not able to attend this event (unlike the one in Winston-Salem on Monday), but I consider the reports I received reliable, and the photos posted on the following blog entry seem eloquent:

There seems to have been substantial fuss on BlueNC earlier today regarding whether a threat against Congressman Brad Miller should have been taken seriously. Apparently, to judge by the Foxx/GOP reaction to a peaceful and lawful protest in Mocksville, THEY think that there's something out there to be afraid of.

Of course, the paranoia level from that crowd is reaching epic proportions. At the Monday event in Winston-Salem, one of the Prosperous Americans participants demanded to know whether I was working for ACORN, and snarled his disbelief when I told him I was not.

On consideration, we may have lucked into the silver bullet for winning elections in difficult districts (like the Fifth Congressional District). Have Democratic pollworkers dress up in acorn suit costumes, like minor league baseball mascots. Judging by their reactions lately, the Republican hard core base voters will be afraid to go past them into the polling places.

Note: I've corrected my post to reflect an updated report on the nature of the Foxx talk, which did not address health care this time. What took place still underscores the point that she and her allies appear frightened of the public's voices on health care, any time it's not an astroturf rally staged by their side.


Heck's Grannies?

For your further entertainment, here's a quote from a friend of mine who is a silver-haired, rather frail-looking senior citizen who took part in the abbreviated Democratic rally today in Mocksville:

"You would have thought that the group of approximately 30+ of us Dems were like a group of Hell's Angels invading the small town of Mocksville! Looked as if the entire Sheriff/Police departments were in full force as they (all 3 of them) circled around our group of mostly seniors and 5 youngsters. I'm still wondering who they thought we were and how we could have possibly looked threatening, but the female cop told me their phones had been ringing off the hooks! Oh my. This incident clearly took me back to the mid-60's during the civil rights movement and was quite unsettling. I kept thinking this foolishness could not be happening in 2009! Most of us stayed through the benign event."

Dan Besse

Watch those descriptions...

By the way, my friend took issue with my description of her as "silver-haired, rather frail-looking". I am wondering now whether I need to avoid her wrath at local Democratic events for a while. Hmm, maybe those Foxx folks really were terrified...

Dan Besse

low-income folks that are not appropriately servile

The philosophical framework of today's GOP is dependent on the idea that low-income people are lazy, stupid, and inferior. ACORN members challenge that assertion by expecting to be granted full participation in civic life.

It's not particularly surprising that one-time ACORN supporter John McCain was able to create a bogey man out of working class people daring to stand up for themselves. The last thing the GOP's corporate sponsors want is social mobility.

The fear and derisiveness being spread

by the greed of corporations and their hand servants, the GOP, is at the level of traitorous. They will do ANYTHING to keep their obscene profits intact and that includes manipulating average people who are hurting from so many years of bad policy that demoralizes, impoverishes, imprisons and finally turns us against one another.

From their high and mighty perches they can hardly see the smoke while Rome burns.

Punked Again

The Dems will never learn. You cannot negotiate with someone who wants to destroy you. If there was a responsible segment of the Republican party they were long ago pushed out and replaced by rabid Rt wing.

The delay on the health care bill until after the Aug recess was a long term Republican plan to allow their shock troops to create mayhem and make a mockery of democracy.

I don't advocate retaliation, it will just feed the beast. However, it is long past time for the Dems accept the fact that there is no middle ground with the Rt wingers.

They are agin us, Dems have to leave the concept of bipartisanship behind and forge the progressive policy that citizens voted for last year.

I know I'm preaching to the choir but this is so obvious to everyone, but the Dem leadership.

Why did the Journal not front page this?

Am I crazy, or was this not in the Journal today? I only read online, but I did not see it. If it was on there, it was not properly displayed. Is this not bigger news than everything else they had in their headlines (like bashing CARS)?

The WSJ is just another part of the GOPhalanx.

-- A liberal originally from Yadkin County. Did I just blow your mind?

No Journal coverage

You're right, it did not appear in the Journal at all. (That's Winston-Salem Journal for you folks elsewhere in the state, not the Wall Street Journal.)

I don't know whether the organizers of the event alerted the Journal, and if so whether they followed up with a phone call, which is usually necessary to actually get a media outlet's attention. Like most papers, the Journal is slashing news staff, and its ability to cover events is reduced as a result. It may or may not have been willing to send a reporter over to Mocksville even if they'd known about it.

That's the Occam's Razor interpretation of the Journal's non-coverage. I will note for the record that the Journal is now owned by the Media General chain, based in Richmond VA. Media General, in my analysis, is in fact a GOP-leaning regional media (papers and broadcast outlets) chain. The Journal asserts that Media General does not dictate content. You may believe that assertion or not, as you choose, and to the degree you choose. I personally assume that corporate HQ does not micromanage news content--or at least does so only occasionally--but that it has ways of making its coverage policy preferences felt internally.

Dan Besse

Feel free

I don't post elsewhere--just a matter of limited time. You're welcome to make secondary use of my material whenever you think it's of broader interest. Thanks.


Dan Besse

Just Curious

How come when Americans for Prosperity rally people to oppose universal health care it's "phony", but when Moveon.org rallies people it's "grassroots?"

You guys are letting your partisanship cloud logic.

Phony Politics Online

Phony would be like a guy who pretends to run a bi-partisan political site but is actually a conservative who uses the terms "Daily Kook" for "Daily Kos", calls Etheridge and Butterfield liars, and wanders in here asking concern troll rhetorical questions, the answers to which any self-respecting owner of a political website would or should know.

Read below my friend

The question was not avoided, but answered. Why are you asking a question a 6 year old on the schoolground would do? The comment was quite informative. Now, instead of avioding the reality, perhaps you should answer that statement and then move on to your original question, which was already answered below.

I know you are but what am I won't work here. If it does where you spend your time, I'm so sorry.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!


1. The question was answered already
2. Rhetorical questions get rhetorical answers
3. You knew the answer to the question before you asked it.

It's not exacty phony

It's Republican.

That is who they are now. Beyond phony and into the realm of parody, and doing it well. While lying to themselves and everyone around them. Phony seems so 2000 now.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!


is a commonly used political term of art with a generally well-understood definition. Here's an example: "Astroturf refers to apparently grassroots-based citizen groups or coalitions that are primarily conceived, created and/or funded by corporations, industry trade associations, political interests or public relations firms." http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Astroturf

Prosperous Americans...excuse me, "Americans for Prosperity"...is a classic example of the type. AFP is a lavishly-funded tentacle of the Art Pope network of interlocking political corporations. In the case of the AFP anti-health-reform tour, it's using a specially prepared and decorated bus, multiple paid staff organizers, mass-produced signage, and other cash-intensive PR efforts to recruit and organize rally participation and publicize the events.

If you can point to equivalent NC efforts sponsored by Moveon.org, I'll be happy to take a look at them and see whether I would apply the term to them. I'll be surprised if you can.

Dan Besse

While I am partisan, clouds aren't what I see.

I see a whole right wing entertainment industry whose listernship and viewiership composes a very small percantage of the American people, and who are wholly owned and working for corporatist profit bottom lines, urging on their listeners and watchers to actually work against their families and themselves by listening to those that want to see America returned to the days of the robber barons.

MoveOn doesn't do radio or TV.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

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