Fayetteville pastor tells parents to give gay kids "a good punch"--then claims it was a joke

Sean Harris, pastor of Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville, used his Sunday sermon to urge his flock to vote for Amendment One. But as he closed, he went off the deep end, giving the parents in his flock "special dispensation" to give their kids "a good punch" if they appear to be acting gay. Watch the whole thing here.

Apparently Harris knows he stepped in it, because now he's saying it was only a joke. No, Pastor. Child abuse is NEVER a joking matter. Tell Harris he needs to apologize.


Ride'em Preacher?

Tell Harris he needs to apologize.*CD

Forget that! A herd of masonic Kights Templars Nude Goats rode into Fayetteville last night and kidnapped the Preacher making him the 1 st known Republican religious funny to be enter into Lowe's July 4 th Speedway race as the only backward closet Gay in it's history..

What an idiot. Always nice to

What an idiot. Always nice to hear teaching hate is alive and well. I don’t approve of violence however I would not loose any sleep over some missing pastor from NC.