Fat city

New years always bring lists of this and that . . . most of little interest or value. So take this article in Men's Fitness with whatever grains of salt you think appropriate. Is any besides me surprised that Charlotte is among the top 25 "Fattest Cities" listed? On the flip side, I'm not surprised at all that no North Carolina city is rated among the top "fittest" cities in America. Looks like the Health and Wellness Trust Fund still has plenty of work to do.

Fattest Cities
2005 Ranking

1. Houston
2. Philadelphia
3. Detroit
4. Memphis
5. Chicago
6. Dallas
7. New Orleans
8. New York
9. Las Vegas
10. San Antonio
11. El Paso
12. Phoenix
13. Indianapolis
14. Fort Worth
15. Mesa
16. Columbus
17. Wichita
18. Kansas City
19. Miami
20. Long Beach
21. Oklahoma City
22. Tulsa
23. Atlanta
24. Charlotte
25. Baltimore



Because I Can't Help Myself

I checked these cities against the 2004 election Red/Blue map. 19 of 50 states was Blue, so you'd expect about 38% of the tubbiest townships to be blue. Instead, only 24% of the nation's fattest cities are in blue states.

I fully understand how useless this figure is, at least at suggesting whether a person will be fat or not based on their party affiliation. Still, it might be fun at cocktail parties.

You're hopeless

. . . but great fun to be around. I would totally not be surprised to find Red states indexing high on all sorts of socially suspect behaviors like over-eating, gullibility, believing in UFOs, combovers . . .