Fast Track & Trans Pacific Partnership: Rigged Rules and Sucker Politics

The NC Democratic party is losing the political game, yet some top Democrats would rather be seen as “business friendly” than guard the party's voter base.

Does it matter that a wealthy minority in the US already own most of the political landscape to the exclusion of ordinary citizens, and deepening their pockets only creates more Koch Brothers?

Does it make sense to stiff working families again, when after the crash of ’08 the banks were made whole, while millions lost homes and income, leaving an angry population vulnerable to wedge issue politics a la Fox News and Rush Limbaugh?

Does it matter that under NAFTA, imports into NC mushroomed and exports lag, while the pretense is always the opposite? See

Trade imbalances may seem like mere abstractions, but now that one seventh of all US assets are already owned by foreigners (cited by Congressman Alan Grayson of FL), is it smart to accelerate that trend?

NC’s most senior US House Democrat David Price joined presidential candidate Clinton in touting the NAFTA “side agreements” as protecting jobs and the environment. Now he admits they couldn’t have worked because they were toothless. Shall we repeat such disastrous gullibility by allowing passage of another secret agreement whose leaked portions earn it the title “NAFTA on steroids”?

Many websites and commentaries specialize in clever finger-pointing at Republicans, bemoaning the damage as even our university system is trashed. Yet the trickle-down economics of “free trade” agreements are embraced by veteran Democrats willing to ignore the harm inflicted on our working people!

Is that how NC Democrats plan to win back the legislature?

Big media are among the plutocracy that hide the record of “free trade.”
NPR joined them long ago, catering to the comfortable and failing to equip the public to defend its interests against such policies.

Unless we - who track the issues - convince our state’s House members, of both parties, to oppose these schemes, the practiced gullibility of Congress will sell us out... and put another nail in the coffin of meaningful two party representation.

There’s Good News:

Resistance to the deal is growing, as Elizabeth Warren,
Robert Reich
and over 2000 public advocacy groups, push back.

But will it be enough?

NC-specific research and data are offered at Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch site:

NC: Lost jobs, high deficits rising inequality w “Free Trade”
NC: Ag exports lag, famly farms decline under “Free Trade”
Further background

This is when the arm twisting and horse trading reach a high pitch.
And this is when your voice on the editorial page and in strong
messages to House members can STOP a scheme that is suicide
for the Democratic Party.


As you probably know, one of the groups opposing Fast Track and the TPP
is Food and Water Watch, and they are among those meeting with David Price
next Wednesday, May 6. Here’s their invitation to add to the group either by coming,
or by emailing a selfie holding a note, for Renee to hand deliver:

"Fast track legislation of the Trans-Pacific Trade agreement AND other trade deals is before congress. Rep. David Price is a key vote. The final fast track vote will come down to just a few votes. Help ensure Rep. Price knows YOU want him to vote no on fast track! If you live in his district, please join us next Wednesday, May 6, 2015 for a meeting with the congressman. To get the time and details of the meeting, please contact Renée Maas, Senior Organizer with Food & Water Watch at 919-593-7752 or

"Can't make the meeting, then take a picture of yourself with a note that urges Rep. Price to vote no on fast track. Send the picture to Renée at and she will deliver it to Rep. Price at the meeting."




Thanks for posting this, Jerry

These trade deals have been getting more and more opaque as they get shoved down our throats, and this one is by far the worst.

The secrecy surrounding the TPP has nothing to do with national security, and everything to do with holding back the wave of opposition that would result if everybody knew the details.