Farmers driving tractors convoy to landing field hearing

In the first article I have seen in the Ironically-Named Citizen Times, in the business section(?) is this by the AP.

AP Article

Farmers driving tractors convoy to landing field hearing

A convoy of tractors, planters and pickup trucks drove several miles to the meeting site near town. People placed anti-landing field signs on the vehicles, and onlookers – some of whom had their own signs – cheered and waved.

"We're here to tell the Navy one more time they're not going to get our property," said Beaufort County resident Ronnie Askew, who drove his John Deere.


Doris Morris, a spokeswoman for North Carolinians Opposed to the Outlying Landing Field, said she hopes the local grass-roots effort will make a difference. "It's just amazing what we accomplished with our few dollars when the Navy spent millions to fight against us," she said

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The NO OLF Grandma's have truly kicked the US Navy's butt. I know it's too early to declare victory, but I know in my bones . . . this OLF will not happen now that Democrats are at the helm, watching out for the common good.


While I missed the drive in of those farm tractors

It was not hard to envision the awesome presentation those farmers made especially when you saw all those gleaming tractors on display. I have walked and lived on Nimitz class carriers and I was impressed when I saw my first carrier. The impact these farmers made on me yesterday was no less then my first view of my first carrier up close.

Proud farmers displaying the tools of their trade in suport of the military, but also in support of their livelihoods is what was demonstrated yesterday at Plymouth, NC.

The farmers and local residents of any of the selected 5 sites all have the same story to tell. We support our military, we love our country and we love our region. We have proven over many generations that we are proper stewards and mutal partners when it comes to the habitat of our region. We are one with the area.

Can the Navy show they are "one" with the region? Do they need this OLF?

When all 5 sites are looked at, any of the comments/concerns/questions from the public hearings or other submission methods at any of the 5 are applicable to the other 4 sites.

All that farm equipment was pretty impressive.

The tractors, combines, and all that other equipment, was already parked at the hearing site when we got there, with plenty of signs on and around it. The farmers and other local residents were articulate, logical, emotional, and altogether impressive. I feel in my gut, the people are going to win this one against the Navy.

p.s., good to meet ya, big guy!

It was incredible!!!

Alamance, Bertie, Beaufort, Buncombe, Carteret, Chowan, Craven, Chatham, Dare, Durham, Forsythe, Guilford, Harnett, Hyde, Johnson, Jones, Martin, Mecklenburg, McDowell, Nash, Orange, Pasquotank, Perquimans, Pitt, Tyrell, Vance, Wake, Wayne, Yancey Counties were represented. We had people hail from, Texas, South Carolina, Virginia, and Ireland. There may have been others that are not mentioned. We had a sign in book with over nine hundred signatures (the Navy counted 600 people) and we know the book did not get to everyone. Also, it was Ash Wednesday and our folks are a church going crowd so more people would have come if the Navy had scheduled the hearings on another night.

The public comment period lasted until 1:00am and many of the people who signed up had to leave to catch the bus home. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. Because of each one of you we have a fighting chance.

This is exciting.

We need national news coverage on this. TV style, don't you think? Who would be interested? Olbermann, perhaps?

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi

National coverage...

We have gotten national press, but nothing that would catapult this issue into a big bang. John Stossel basically told us he would come around if there were bodies, a jet crash, or houses being bulldozed. You know the sensationalism that goes with horror and pain this of course comes after they take the land, destroy our lives, and environment.
The right reporter could blow the lid off this David and Goliath story. The NC press corp has been fantastic keeping up with the story. They get the big picture.

Told Ya'll Were Too Polite

[just kidding]

I am amazed at the fortitude of the people of these hardworking communities. I cannot imagine the stress level after 6 years of limbo hell.

I love farmers! Have I told you that lately? Give them ((hugs)) from me.

I love them too!

Seeing all that humongous equipment lined up and spit polished by the proud farmers looked more beautiful to me than a chest full of jewels.

They were HUGE!

90% of them cost more than my first 2 houses put together!

And speaking of cost.....

The Navy has mentioned growing cotton & then using non no-till practices after mowing the cotton stalks. (for those non-farming readers: no till practices are just what they sound like they are. Instead of plowing the fields after your harvest, you just leave the prior crop residue in the fields to keep the nourishment in the soil. This helps the soil, and also helps the farmers bottom line by saving fuel expenses & extra equipment expenses).

So, the Navy wants these grain farmers to grow cotton? Let's analyze that.

New 6 Row Cotton Picker: $300,000
New Module Builder: $45,000
New Bowl Buggy: $30,000
New 25' Mower to mow cotton stalks: $20,000
New Field Cultivator: $20,000
New Disc Harrow: $25,000
ONE BAG of cotton seed: $450 (it takes appx. 10 lbs. of seed to each acre & one bag of seed is usually 50 lbs.)

Granted, these are just round figures. Not including fertilizer, chemicals used to defoliate the cotton & keep bugs away, and man hours. So, how does the Navy plan to compensate for this?


The Navy is proposing that the farmers switch from growing corn to cotton. As of now, the economics of growing cotton is very poor as cotton prices are down and corn prices are up. If the farmers are forced to switch to growing cotton will the Navy compensate them for lose income for switching crops?


I pondered that myself. I truly do not even think it has entered their train of thought (along with many, many other issues). I don't think they understand the ways of the land & what farming involves.

Also, as Brenda (Myra's sister) mentioned Wednesday night there is the issue of crop rotation. You simply cannot plant cotton after cotton after cotton....year after year after year. It will not be prosperous.

I'm not a farmer, but

I have heard of crop rotation. Has the Navy not heard of it?

Another question about cotton - I have heard that a lot of rain near harvest time will damage the crop. Is that not a hurricane-prone area? Wouldn't that make it even more risky to limit oneself to growing only cotton?

And another question - markets - now that bio-fuels are gaining momentum, won't the price of corn be going up? Will the Navy take that into consideration?

The rain on the cotton.....

I wish that I could post a pic in this reply. I have a stunning picture of what summer rains (not a hurricane) did on 07/04/2006. It rained appx. 5.5" in a little under 2 hours that day...

If there is a way to post a pic in a reply, someone please LMK!

Yes, cotton prices have gone down as corn prices have steadily gone up. I can count 10 farmers that I know personally, who decided at the beginning of this year to cease growing cotton. It is just no longer profitable as corn can be.

Posting photo

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According to Bush...

corn is our national security crop. There are two enthanol plants scheduled for the area.

North Carolina is unique due to its geographical location, the climate permits large-scale crop rotation both summer and winter. In addition, this region of North Carolina has remained a sanctuary for countless species of our country’s wildlife that includes migratory birds and marine life from the North and South. Over the last three hundred plus years the farmers have integrated into the area growing and producing food for the world, while simultaneously creating a feeding paradise for the animals. This region of North Carolina is a prime example where the balance of nature is alive and well and should be considered a treasure for the people of our nation.

I am overwhelmed by the fact that so many people have come to our aid to stop its destruction

That's the point.

This region supports it all. And the reason is does is becuase the government, military and greedy people have not gotten their dirty rotten stickin' hands on it yet. Their rules are as follows: We WANT IT and in order for us to GET IT we TAKE IT! Eminent Domain, it is oh so legally letheal!

And by the way lets give Senator Burr a round of applause for his inaction and willingness to allow the continuance of this tortuous "process". We need a slogan with the word process in it for Burr. And one for Paul Shumaker since I hear he is the power behind old Dicky boy Burr.

I wonder................

Who else is padding Burrbaby's pockets??

Someone in the Navy had to of let him fly in a FA-18 E/F in the front seat or something..... ;D

Great image!

Thanks for the laugh