Family Friendly Fundraiser for Elaine Marshall

I first met Elaine Marshall while we were both at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. We are both still fully committed to bringing about the hope and change that swept the nation during that amazing year. If you're also still interested in seeing our America's highest democratic ideals come to fruition, then I ask you to support Elaine Marshall for U.S. Senate.

As you know, Elaine is running to unseat a Republican incumbent who has done absolutely nothing during his 16 years in congress. On the other hand, Elaine has consistently been a positive, progressive advocate for families in North Carolina. In all of my interactions with Elaine, I have come away impressed with her ability to listen and understand the important issues in peoples' lives. Even more importantly, she has always been willing to stand up for what's right.

Please join Jen and I, along with our co-hosts, at a party to meet Elaine this weekend. Most of the details are below. This isn't your average stodgy political gig. We've got lots of fun planned. I mean how can you beat a taco truck? And we've reserved an inflatable bouncy octopus for the kids to jump around in! We'll also have music by a great Tractivist - Adam Sampieri.

Please donate at any level and come meet Elaine. Please also RSVP to Drew Turnier at drewt(at)

We hope to see you Sunday.
Graig Meyer

Family Friendly Fundraiser
to benefit
Elaine Marshall
for U.S. Senate

Sunday, September 26
4:00-7:00 PM

At the home of Graig and Jennifer Meyer
9603 Leslie Drive
Chapel Hill NC 27516

People of all ages and family configurations are welcome to attend.

Plenty of Entertainment for All Ages:

  • Live music
  • Get a cheap, delicious dinner from Captain Poncho's Taco Truck!
  • Enjoy a local microbrew on tap.
  • Play Areas for the Kids

Please donate online to reserve your space.
Donations at any level are welcome.

Special Family Friendly Suggested Donation:
$50 for any family with kids.

Please donate online and RSVP to Drew Turnier at drewt(at)


Elaine will be a great SENATOR she is so good when you meet her.

I know someone who was asked to, and committed to a generous gift for a Marshall Fundraiser event. NEVER GOT An INVITE OR A CALL AS TO WHEN THE EVENT WOULD TAKE Place.
I tried to give some money, not on line, and was told to come to an event ...but never was told when it would take place. And then, I did not sent the check and not one phone call or invite asking for my promised donation.

I finally found an address to sent it in to.

But there seems to be lack of follow through on the people fundraising for her.

hope DC kicks in big bucks.


I too am concerned about a lack of follow through

Twice I have offered to help the Marshall campaign as a former county chair and current teen dem advisor, once before the primary and once a couple of weeks ago. I have not had a reply of any kind.

I am getting flashbacks to Bowles.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

If you feel like that

Help us with the #MarshallBomb - we're going to bat for Elaine and other great NC candidates in 2 weeks!

Graig throws a GREAT party!

... and Adam Sampieri is simply terrific! This party is a Don't-Miss!

(I may have to miss it though, Graig -- we've got a weekend-long marathon of childbirth education classes, wrapping up at 5pm. Not sure I can convince Vito to do anything else afterwards...)

You go, Graig and go Elaine! (This is my personal exhortation -- not on behalf of Traction.)

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