Faison's attack against Perdue draws fire

Bill Faison's serial attacks on Governor Bev Perdue reached a climax yesterday, when Faison incorrectly told WRAL that the Governor would not seek re-election due to recent indictments.

The Governor's staff immediately refuted Faison's prediction stating that the Governor announced long ago that she was running for re-election, and she was now raising funds for her campaign.

Renee Price, a resident of Faison's home county, Orange, sent out a statement supporting Governor Perdue and pointing out Faison's mistakes.

Here is the statement from Renee Price:

Renee Price

Citizen, Orange County
Member, Orange County Democratic Party
President, Orange County Democratic Women

Press Release / November 30, 2011

For Immediate Release

Renee Price, citizen of Orange County, issued the following statement in response to Representative Bill Faison’s ongoing series of public attacks against Governor Beverly Perdue:

By attacking North Carolina’s first woman governor, Beverly Perdue, Bill Faison over-reached himself. His insinuation that the governor, a fellow Democrat, should step aside so that he can run for her office is beneath contempt and self-serving in the extreme. Governor Perdue did nothing improper. The Governor cooperated fully with the investigation. District Attorney Colon Willoughby attested to the fact that the evidence proved that the Governor was ‘never’ – repeat ‘never’ implicated in any wrongdoing, when he stated explicitly, “The conduct of the governor is not and never has been at issue, nor the conduct of any other elected official.” And furthermore, the indictments on their face preclude involvement by the governor, stating that these monies were spent outside of the campaign and outside the knowledge of the governor. Representative Faison, as an attorney, should be able to read the plain language of the indictment.

I have supported Governor Perdue in the past, and will continue to support her in her bid for re-election to the office of Governor. Governor Perdue has stood strong on women’s rights and civil rights, and I applaud her. The time for the people of North Carolina--particularly women--to rally behind Governor Bev Perdue is NOW.

For further information, please, contact:

Renee Price

(919) 593-1904


Bravo for Renee Price!

North Carolina needs more Democrats like Renee Price who stands up against misogynistic attacks on women in public office. Governor Perdue stands strong for women's rights, civil rights and equal rights. As North Carolina's first woman governor, Bev Perdue deserves the support of the Democratic Party. Bill Faison is a self-serving opportunist who thinks he can attack Governor Perdue with impunity. Thank goodness for Renee Price and all Democrats like her.

That quote box means I'm quoting the author

So, yeah. I read the blog.

What Perdue is doing wrong is running for re-election.

Has there been any poll where she beats McCrory? IIRC, even PPP's best poll had her within the margin of error for McCrory, but that was a while ago.

You need to find your thinking cap if you're under the delusion that having Perdue on the ticket helps Democrats.


Perdue did nothing wrong

Here is a direct quote from the article linked in your obtuse/obscure comment:

Even in light of the new evidence included in the indictments, Leake said he has yet to see anything that suggests the governor or her campaign did anything wrong. He does not expect the elections board will revisit the issue or consider additional fines.

It always helps to speak the facts

I am concerned about the ongoing investigations into the campaign of our Governor and I believe it has to be said that these first indictments look like serious issues. I cannot help but be concerned that our Governor is distracted from the real issues in our State which are the high unemployment and underemployment that threaten our future. She has not said publicly and officially that she is a candidate for Governor, leading me to question whether or not she will run. I understand there are on-going federal and state investigations. My goal, like that of many Democrats, is to win the House and the Governor’s office in order to stop the radical social agenda and focus on the economy, jobs and education. I have said this at every event where I have spoken. I have not said she should step aside or not run; that is something she will have to decide,” continued Faison. “I will remain committed to the issues affecting our economy and will not be deterred. It is the single most important issue affecting all of us. Bill Faison

The issue Rep. Bill Faison raised is whether or not the Governor herself will announce, not her campaign staff. And he most definitely did not imply that she was to be implicated in indictments. He said she was distracted by the indictments. Colon Willoughby has said she is not a target of the investigation, there is also a federal investigation and there have been no statements with respect to that investigation. So, there are, in fact, two investigations. Again, he did not say she was in any way tied to the indictments. He said she was "distracted."

Rep. Bill Faison did not say she should "step aside" - that is the headline, and he did not write it or say it. Period.

I am sorry but the summary in the letter above is just factually incorrect, and is in fact, an attack, the likes of which you say you do not like. To ask whether or not someone is officially "running" is hardly an attack. And, when exactly did someone asking whether or not someone is running for office become a "serial" attack? Or a "misogynistic" attack? Wow. That is a reach.

To date, the Governor has not officially announced that she is running, has she? Her campaign staff is not an official announcement, is it? The 2010 statement was not official. On her latest Flashpoint appearance with Dave Wagner in early November, she was asked directly and did not really answer. Listen to it.


You are completely incorrect - Faison told WRAL Perdue is out

You are so far behind the news it is troubling. Defending Bill Faison is tricky for anybody attempting it. Faison told WRAL that Perdue was not running, and her office said she had announced her re-election campaign long ago. Read the pertinent news before making your slanted comments. You might find it less embarrassing.

Seems to me Jeanne is right

Faison is focused on the economy, which is nice to see these days since seems so many other politicians are not. It seems to me he was only pointing out here that there are other issues going on that the governor should be focusing on aside from the indictments. Thanks Jeanne.


Jenny Bonds: Please leave this discussion to the folks who are not getting paid to shill for a candidate.

Whether or not Perdue runs, I'd be willing to be the farm that Bill Faison will never, ever be the Democratic nominee for Governor of North Carolina. He couldn't even beat David Parker in the race for NCDP chairman!

He's a joke and a distraction and the majority of Democrats know it.


Get your facts

1 I was on nc spin and explained that I am the one who challenged Bill Faison to do a jobs plan

2 I blogged it and wrote it several places

I am a friend who engaged this plan to have a plan to win the House. I am not paid.
I pay my own expenses and am a volunteer so keep up and don't assume.

I was standing byBill when he spoke to WRAL so I KNOW what he said. Thanks!

And I will respond wherever and whenever I like as a friend and volunteer.


The governor asked him to run for party chair hmmmmso let's ask her about that.


First of all, the headline for this article is misleading. I have read all of the articles and releases and have seen no attacks. Where is this inflammatory language coming from? Misogynist? I guess any man who challenges a woman is a misogynist? I think our Governor can take care of herself without you defending her with the female label. Folks, we are going to have to have civil discourse here, particularly as our governor is about to get into some pretty thick weeds with investigations into her campaign finance.
Jeanne Bonds is not on Faison's payroll. At least she will sign her name to her comments. I challenge you to do the same, "Faison's Horses" and "anonymous".

Jan Brewington

Faison definitely attacked Perdue on WRAL more than once

Insinuating to Laura Leslie, a reporter for WRAL, that the governor would not run for re-election because of indictments of her low level campaign staff is definitely an attack.


Insinuating? That is a very vague term. Did he say that she was not going to run? No. Finance chair is not low level campaign staff.

Jan Brewington

Faison is trying to shove Bev Perdue off a cliff

In a WRAL story headlined: "Fellow Democrat to Perdue: Step Aside" - Bill Faison is quoted as stating, ""So I think, ultimately, Gov. Perdue will do the right thing and decide not to run." You can read the rest, but Faison's assertion was immediately refuted by Mark Farinella and Fiona Conroy. Faison is trying to shove Bev Perdue off a cliff. That is self-serving, just like Renee Price said.

"Blue Heron"

Obviously you do not understand that Bill Faison's does not write headlines. It is not in quotes and he did not say it. I have no interest in continuing a conversation with someone who won't use their own name. As far as I know you are all the same person.

Jan Brewington

I've deleted a few duplicate comments

At least I think they were all duplicates.

As far as people posting anonymously, let's all try to exercise a little restraint. While some folks may post openly, we have quite a few longstanding BlueNC community members who post using a pseudonym. It's all good.

Remaining anonymous is neither a sign of a character flaw nor a license to kill (verbally). It just is.


Mine posted twice as I was typing it at the Alamance Dems meeting on a blackberry (old technology :()

And, yes, Bill is working on the ozone response - I know it is slow but it has been a crazy week and he knows it is important, but if you know Bill, you know, he does his research.

Well Done!

If only other sites were operated with the efficiency and integrity of BlueNC!


Here is another quote from the story, that came came out this week. Hardly obscure.

The chairman of the State Board of Elections says he regrets his vote last year to end an investigation into the campaign of Gov. Beverly Perdue without holding hearings or questioning witnesses under oath.

One minute you are quoting WRAL, the next you are calling their recent news obtuse/ obscure. Odd.
Who are you? Are you Will Cubbison?

Jan Brewington


I read more than just WRAL reports and found those reports to be as Jeanne Bonds says. Maybe you should expand your research. Like it or not, Governor Perdue's most closest advisers have been indicted, with more on the way. Hard to put distance between the problem and you when it comes to the general public when your inner circle is indicted. Her numbers are low without the indictments. This does not spell success. Would I love to see a female run, YES! But there are none at the moment and the ONLY person talking about the economy is BILL FAISON! Come on, any of you complainers been unemployed lately? I have and it isn't fun. Anyone who will actually put it on the line regarding jobs and the economy and take on the Republicans deserves respect. See any other Dems out there leading on the issue? NO. I daily hear democrats saying they won't vote for her again, let alone Independents, where do you live that you haven't heard it? Looks like a personal issue.

Stop trying to change the subject - it's not the economy, Stupid

It's the character of Bill Faison who has repeatedly told the press that Bev Perdue should step aside - so he can run for her office. That is self-serving in the extreme. Several people have written that he will never get the gubernatorial nomination - and their comments have the ring of truth.


I understand that anonymity is okay sometimes, but when people are casting aspersions on the character of House members they should not remain anonymous.

Jan Brewington

James is right, BlueNC has its own rules and you don't make them

Go start your own website with your own rules, but trying to change the rules in mid debate is a mere distraction. Bill Faison is a self-serving opportunist like Renee Price says - and she is not anonymous. Your point is perfectly feckless.

read anything other than WRAL?

I read other reports that were consistent with what Jeanne wrote. Governor Perdue's closest associates are under investigation and indictment, her numbers are extremely low. The ONLY democrat out there talking about the economy and jobs and taking on the Republicans is Bill Faison. Everyone who has experienced unemployment and been afraid of loosing everything is thankful that SOMEONE is doing what he is doing!

Bill Faison's website

Is a compilation of media interviews. Geez. could you possibly verify anything before your fingers take off so recklessly on your keyboard. There is one video done by him. Everything else is a NEWS INTERVIEW which many of you are so rabid about quoting. NBC 17, WCNC, WTVD, WRAL - last time I checked they were all news outlets. One more time #GETYOURFACTSSTRAIGHT

I agree Jan, if you want to quote a paid consultant like Farinella disparaging a House member and imply it is the truth, then sign your name and stand by it.

Someone asked how I knew the Governor asked Bill Faison to run for party chair - well, call her and ask her or I will on the next tv interview. It is a fact.

I guess Farinella missed that in his talking points and as for his comment about the "ambition" - Leadership is stepping up for people, talking to people, presenting a solution so the leader I see is Bill Faison - and he has no "ambition" because for about the 100th time, including every event where he speaks, the JOBS Plan was MY IDEA and I asked him to do it so ambition hardly since I had to convince him to work on it with me. There, now I have said it 101 times. He says it every time he speaks.


I am not taking credit. You obviously have difficulty with the English language. I said it was my idea and I challenged him and he tells that everywhere. He said it last night so call him and ask him.

Enough. Have a great day.

You are so far behind the

You are so far behind the news it is troubling. Defending Bill Faison is tricky for anybody attempting it. Faison told WRAL that Perdue was not running, and her office said she had announced her re-election campaign long ago. Read the pertinent news before making your slanted comments. You might find it less embarrassing.

The 2010 "announcement" was informal. The GOVERNOR HERSELF HAS NOT ANNOUNCED. Her paid campaign consultant announced. So, one more time, watch Bev Perdue answer on Nov. 6 on Flashpoint and then come back here and discuss it.

Slanted comments - darn right they are. Who are you kidding; and, yours are not slanted? Everyone on here has a slant. DUH. Isn't that what this is about? At least I have a name and stand by mine without throwing grade school barbs in a cloak of anonymity.

Faison is indefensible

And your attempts to defend him while exclaiming: "GEEZ, darn and DUH" proves that he doesn't have a leg to stand on. Renee Price is right. Faison is self-serving. Thanks to you, by your insisting that Governor Perdue backed Faison, you have added disloyalty to Faison's credentials.

Jenny Bonds: please stop your

Jenny Bonds: please stop your nonsense and just admit the truth: Bill Faison is a desperate loser and NOBODY other than you is supporting him. No State Reps or Senators, No Congressmen, no council of state members, no county chairs--NOBODY.

When WRAL posted their story, the original picture was Faison with two other Democrats--both of whom contacted WRAL to ask that the picture be changed because they did not want to be associated with him.

If he is going to run and challenge Perdue (from the right?) he needs to either do it or shut up and sit down.

It is exactly Faison's brand of stupid that will get Democrats bested I'm 2012.

Ditto above comment from Faison's Horses

Let's stop the equivocating.

Faison is a jerk. I met him for the first time when he ran for Party Chair and addressed the Progressive Dems. He hates being questioned on anything, but he loves the sound of his own voice.

Martha Brock

This is why primaries are good things

You want to see big turnout for the Marriage Discrimination Amendment? Widespread primaries will do the job!

Faison does not report to any of us - its a free world

My personal opinions of Bill Faison are my own. The game is politics. Everyone with the resources, personality and persistence are wide open to play the game at any level. There is nothing sacred about Bev Perdue, nor Bill Faison. Purdue does not own the seat. Bill Faison is under no compulsion to not run for Governor. Now, I am not sure I would buy a used car from Bill, but if wanted one mean mother I might well just hire him to get me out of legal troubles.

So, give it a rest. Support who you want for whatever reasons are valid--to you. Democrats lost in 2010 for one reason I can determine, well maybe two: First the Democrats were in fact fat, dumb and lazy, cursed with Dave Young, nonentity for a Chair (but he was Perdue's Man-we saw how that worked out). Faison was Perdue's choice for Chair in 2012 against Parker (fancy that-now he done gone bit her-aint that gratitude). Fact was, many of us voted for Parker because we figured he would be more independent of Perdue than Faison. Now there was an argument, with which I tended to agree, that we needed someone as mean and fierce as Faison to chair the party, but the tie breaker was Perdue's choice to support Faison. It is obvious that Bill is on the road subliminally promoting a primary (maybe he has not admitted it to himself yet). It is also obvious to Bev that she is sucking wind, if reports that some of her big givers has strayed to McGrory are true (dont know). So, let it play out with some minimum of histrionics--they are consenting adults. But, to my original point, the Democrats lost because of severe lack of leadership at all levels and some weird thinking someone would rescue them. Also, there was (and is) an abysmal lack of intelligence on the GOP which is circulated amongst the hoi polloi, who don't know what questions to ask--goes to motivation. And, no, Obama ain't descending down some golden stairway in 2012 to rescue, nor will that damned convention amount to much. Nope, only smarts, fundraising and really hard work will help us reclaim the legislature - and hope we do a more credible job next round. After all, redistricting, to which we gave mouth service, will kill us until 2022 or so. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

There are some rumors about Faison about his family life and divorce, but those do not matter either. Nor do the rumors concerning legal vulnerabilities of Perdue.

NCDP has to get off its ass and not let OFA divert its attention from retaking the legislature. And OFA will be in here demanding every second of volunteer time available.



at least Faison is listening

I am not going to wade into the did he/didn't he snit but I will give props to Rep. Faison for listening to me and responding to me about the toll my nearly three year unemployment has had on myself and my family. He is the only one up there in Raleigh who is using his position to get the stories of real NC'ers out to the press and I appreciate that.

Gray Newman

Bill Faison

is a single Dad whose three sons (two now in college and one in high school) and daughter (now in college) chose to live with him. They live with him for their safety and well being. Rumors are rumors and lies are lies. I have seen him with his children. They are his first priority in life and his relationship with them is pretty incredible. There is a great deal of love and respect.

It's true. Faison is disloyal, but his children still love him?

Samuel Johnson wrote, "The last refuge of a scoundrel is patriotism." In this case, your assertions about the family values of Bill Faison seem like you are saying, "Faison's last refuge is his children," and "Alright, even though the governor has done nothing wrong, Bill Faison is pushing Bev Perdue out of office so he can run for governor himself, but his children still like him well enough to live with him."

With conduct like Faison's, his children may be the only ones left on earth who will still tolerate him. So, are you saying, 'Bill Faison's children are the only ones left alive who still put up with him, and that is his sole redeeming quality.'?

Renee Price's point is about Faison's self-serving political conduct.

Your comment is off topic - way off topic, but you might be right.


Renee Price's letter is an attack, without merit, on a member of the NC House. Renee Price was not there to hear Bill Faison talk to a reporter, or otherwise. She owes him an apology.

No one backed up Beverly Perdue - no one from the House, one sentence from Martin Nesbitt from the Senate, no Lt. Governor, no council of state member - so for the illogical reasoning above -where is the support for a siting Governor?

You folks can sit and attack anonymously. It shows how cowardly you are. State your name if you want to slander and then prove it is not slander.

Some of the junk on here like this just demeans this site and all Democrats.


The irony of your comment, however well-intended, is a bit hard to stomach ... unless, of course, your name really is Blue Egret.

This sort of crap happens every election cycle, and helps explain why yours truly is registered "unaffiliated" these days. At least Ms. Price had the courtesy to sign her real name to her letter.

Just sayin'.

I meant it tongue and cheek

Ms. Price indeed signed her slanderous rant but "Blue Heron" posted it here and misspelled "perdu" in the tags which is humorous at best. Many folks on here signed their names but the "attacks" come from those who do not. And the logic is still, no one with a name, other than martin nesbitt, backed up "perdu" did they?

Got it. Thanks.

We opened up comments to unregistered users a couple of months ago in order to spur more discussion ... which has happened. Whether that discussion is worthy of being spurred is still an open question. I have been planning to wait until the end of the year to make a call on whether to continue the practice or not.

For the most part, balance and integrity are maintained through the power of multiple voices ... the wisdom of crowds, so to speak. Thanks for adding your voice to the mix.


A word of advice

Many other sites encourage debate and the registration of nicknames. As you know, the Huffington Post (54 million unique users), NYT, Post, Daily Kos and many other websites encourage the registration of nicknames. I appreciate the need for civility, and wish others would be courteous. It seems as if it might be unwise to permit bullies to alter BlueNC from the tradition of nicknames that is so firmly established on so many other websites. Just my 2 cents. And, btw - thanks for operating such a thoughtful forum. BlueNC is a valuable public service.

That's rich - with irony!

Now that you are signing your posts, "Blue Egret," don't you see the hilarious irony in your futile attempts to besmirch others using long-established nicknames - a fine and rich tradition on the internet. You must not read the Huffington Post, the NYT, the Washington Post, Daily Kos, and hundreds of thousands of other websites that all encourage commenting and registration with nicknames. The typo you mention is, pathetically, not an argument, it is proof-reading, something quite different and totally irrelevant to the argument unfolding here. Do you know what "ad hominem" means?

Just say'n

I have seen these "typical posts" here before and it is all too apparent who "they" are ...again, they make the site look bad, IMO. When looking at the Renee Price rant on the News and Observer, there is no support for "perdu" there either. Much ado about nothin. But Ms. Price should probably learn to write letters "more stable" to get her point across and use an argument better than "first woman Governor" which is no reason to support or not support anyone since the comments were not gender specific at all. The person who went further with the accusation that Faison is a hater of all women really makes women look bad for stooping to such a pathetic argument in 2011.

Aren't you forgetting what the District Attorney said?

You should re-read Renee Price's letter, then formulate an apology to her and Colon Willoughby for denying any merit to the District Attorney's exoneration of the governor. The relevant passage is quoted in Renee Price's letter. Apparently, you selectively forgot to factor it into your memory bank. Another point if I may, what have you added to the argument except ad hominem attacks?

Renee Price's Letter is so off the point it should have no more

discussion. Colon Willoughby did not "exonerate" the Governor. There are subjects and targets in investigations. Really enjoy how you parse a statement into something you fantasize. Let's call Colon and ask him if he said he exonerated Beverly Perdue. Larry Leake has come out and admitted he did not investigate the situation well or enough. Now, I just wonder why he did that? He did that because he was slapped on the hand in the indictment language. Wonder why he is not stepping down or being asked to step down. Who appointed him? Colon Willoughby is not the FBI and US Attorney and there has been no exoneration in their investigation either. Their investigation continues. Just because Renee Price quotes it, does not make it true. And just because you repeat it, does not make it true. Try as you may. Your far-reaching attempts at conclusion reveal how little you know. Yes, I could post with my name but you attack so well as a Blue Heron, I decided I would come on here as a Blue Egret. You defended this site as saying it is acceptable but when someone does what you deem acceptable you then try a different tact. And, as for the "perdu" topic, I find it hilarious that you attempt to be so righteous while not spelling her name correctly.

The investigations (PLURAL) continue and so does this saga. There will be a trial, deals, more indictments so I suggest you sit back in your armchair and we discuss it then. But since you are so close to Perdu, why don't you ask her to announce. Not her staff, her.

The Blue Egret Conspiracy Theory doesn't hold water

The Blue Egret Conspiracy Theory is worthy of Pat McCrory and his trolls. What don't you understand about the word, "never"? Colon Willoughby said that the governor was "never" the target of the investigation. Perdue launched a new website for governor since this blog was published now one week ago. Early this week, Perdue announced $40 million per year in new jobs at Chiquita's new global HQ in Charlotte. Governor Perdue has said many times she is running for re-election including at the recent Lillian's List luncheon - and Bill Faison was in the audience when that organization endorsed her. You are clinging to a string of conspiracy theories that are nothing but a tissue of lies. Your demands that James drop nicknames is risible, coming from a source branded: Blue Egret.

This back and forth grows increasing pointless

Anyone who might have started off paying attention to this thread has likely stopped caring long ago. How about going over to that thread on Faison's (rather weak) business plan and debate something that might or might not have an impact on our collective futures?

Enough with this increasingly inane and occasionally juvenile conversation.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Totally pointless

Since BLUE HERON makes up things. Beverly Perdue did not and has not OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED. NOwhere. Watch her response on Flashpoint, again.

Colo Willoughby is not the only one investigating her campaign, again. Ignore the sentences you don't like but they are still there. There is a federal investigation. Read the paper. The US Attorney has said nothing. And everyone knows that if you announce, it is hard to "unannounce."

And, one more time, there are "subjects" and there are "targets" in an investigation.

The tissue of lies are all owned by you. And, as for the names, Blue Heron is of no more significance than Blue Egret - you are just bothered that someone called your bluff and decided to dish it to you with a play on your name. Hardy har har.

Since the normal folks have left this thread, I will too since no doubt Blue Heron will need a "last word" - people like that usually do.

Not running?

I suppose this campaign site is just a ruse?

Of course, Pat McCrory isn't running either, to my knowledge.

Beats me

Why can't she just stand up and say, one and for all, that she is running? Why? Why can't anyone get her to say it? McCrory is not running yet because he is on several corporate boards and will resign at the end of December which is why he said he would announce in January. Why can't Perdue stand up and say for herself that she is running for Governor to do x,y,z? That is the question. Seems simple enough and we can all start a new thread.

Thank you, James for calling the bluff

A lot of people in politics use the big lie. The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it. Faison lied. His supporters lied. Faison is self-serving. Faison's attempt to shove Perdue out of the Governor's Mansion just so he can run is appalling. Thanks for calling the bluff of Faison's flunkies.