Facts and furious

Time to adopt a "Throw the Bums Out" policy for members of Congress who are running scared of the Tea Party crowd or the GOP witch-hunters. We sent Democratic Congressmen Larry Kissell and Mike McIntyre to Congress to represent us. By shamefully chosing to vote to find Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress when all evidence supports the fact that it was Holder who shut the Bush-era operation down; suggests that these two North Carolina congressman lack the moral backbone needed to stand up to an increasingly partisan, and yes, racist GOP.

The leader of this "which" hunt, Congressman Darrell Issa has stated that he was going to investigate President Obama out of office, although Issa has got lot's of skeletons in his own closet. In a profile, the New Yorker" dredged up a series of scandalous allegations from the House Oversight Chairman's criminal past. Among them: Issa has been accused of burning down a building, arrested for carrying a concealed weapon, and stealing a red Maserati. And this is the horse Kissell and McIntyre chose to hitch North Carolina's wagon to?

Call yourselves "Blue Dogs" all you want, because we on the left have gotten tired of this. Scared of everyone but your base? Stay tuned.



Fast and Furious

I believe that the TACTIC started with Bush but the "Fast and Furious" operation was started in 2009. Ending "gun walking" would have mean NOT starting a new operation. Plus the the tactic was halted when it was leaked, not because the AG was on a crusade to stop it.

It is still very much a witch hunt but Holder is not helping himself.

Colored by Color

We need to stop this pretense that race is not a factor. From yelling out "You Lie", to constantly referring to him as "This" President; not "THE" President; to questioning his papers, calling him a liar, and now holding his cabinet officer, the first black attorney general in contempt; with all of the crazy AGs we've had; this is a constant attempt to delegitimize President Obama. Even if there was a question in their minds, they would have given defference to any other president. And the most insidious thing they've done, they did early on...convince everyone that when they do this crap, you better not call it what everyone knows it is...RACISM.

Absolutely its racism. And

Absolutely its racism. And the Holder contempt charade was to send Holder and the Obama Admin some sort of warning about the effort to push back on voter suppression in this country. Want work.

Tactic was the policy that

Tactic was the policy that started under Bush, Fast and Furious is simply its step child. AS to Holder helping himself he has complied with the request and taken the steps that he could legally make. This is nothing more than Republicans desperately looking for a boogie man and have failed in those efforts. It is hysterical to listen to Fox news talking heads compare it to Nixon and Watergate. Laughable. Only you wished that you could point to Democrats with a cancer as vile at the republican Nixon and those of his cabal that remain....Rumsfield, Cheney etc...Laughable.


A continuing disappointment.

Kissell came hat in hand and

Kissell came hat in hand and beg money on his first run and his second run....begging for progressive to help the populist high school teacher Democrat. What a fraud he has turned out to be. Kissell needs to hope his new corporate donors help him out because he can kiss(ell) progressives good by....this Holder vote is not his first screw the pouch moment. Even Heath Schuler voted against the GOP crap effort and he has never been one to trust as a Democrat.