Everybody serves! (political cartoon)

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Oh yes, everyone has options. They can come and go and they all grovel at the feet of El Presidente.


They all know what the other is doing. They are picking this nation apart in order to remake it in their own corrupt neocon fantasy.

And the spear at which they are doing this is the US Military, which ironically, does not serve at the pleasure of the President, they are forced into it. Then once no longer able to carry out their orders due to injury, they are shipped back to Walter Reed where they are abused in a very hideous way.

But the ones that remain, they are forced to serve AGAINST the interests of the Constitution and the We The People.

And again, Rove is in the center of it all.


you are seriously missing the point

when it comes to the military person. I served for 22.5 years and 8 of those years was under a presedent who I despised.

However, I and every military person raises their right hand and swears to follow the orders of the president of the united states and support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies, foriegn and domestic, and to bear true faith and alliegence to the same.

When I served, I did so proudly. I did not look at the president that I despised and felt, dam, i dont think I wont to follow this guy.

I knew that I swore the oath and I did my damdest to fullfill that oath. I was ready to give my life for that president and for the people of this country.

I reenlisted many times, for 3 to 5 years at a time. At any time I could have walked away once I did my obligated time. A decision I as a US citizen made.

If you wish to bash the president, go for it, it is your right to support or not support him as you see fit.

But dont deminish the loyalty your military people show on a daily basis to alllow you the right to bash the president at your wim.

I have more respect for the military guy that is whining the most but doing his assigned job then I have for anyone who thinks these folks are blindly folowing unconstitutional orders.

Did you know that any order deemed unconstitutional does not have to be followed and that the military person cannot get in trouble for so stating?

I think you need to get off the military and get to the people who have caused this problem, the elected representitives. There is where the problem is. If the politicians of this country would unite as one, this war WOULD be over soon, and military as well as civilian (Iraqi) lives would be spared. So long as the politicians insist on tearing this country apart, the military will also be torn apart. Dont blame or even ellude that the military or the guy is not doing his job.

So long as all these politicians have an agenda that is not unified, soldiers are going to die and be maimed, and have to endour walter reed that until someone snuck into the system, would never have been found by the politicians 7 miles away from this travisty.

So you might wanna rethink your attitude about the tip of the spear. The politicians are weilding that spear and pointing it in the wrong places. All of them, on both sides of the house, top to bottom.

Stop pointing fingers and start encouraging folks to work togather. In WW2, that is what the people in the states where doing. Supporting the troops. Not doing what this cartoon is doing.