Everybody Loves Charles Taylor... In Russia

Ed Cone has the goods on the NC mountains' crookedest representative:

NC 11th district Congressman Charles Taylor, famed for his disappearing vote against CAFTA, has won a Golden Galaxy Award from the American-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for furthering economic relations between the two countries.

No mention of the award at Taylor's website. Maybe that's because many North Carolinians are not impressed by Taylor's business dealings in Russia, where his partner is a former KGB officer.

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I know, Lance, I know

I reported Taylor's Golden Galaxy Award back in December, 2005.

He's also much loved for voting against democratic reforms in Russia.

He's also much loved for charging 60% interest on some loans through his bank of Ivanovo.

He's also much loved for teaming with a former Interior minister and KGB agent to buy the bank.

He's also much loved for sending money to Russian schools and students as part of an exchange program.

Dasvadanya, Charles Taylor. Go drink some vodka, eat potatoes, and dream a little dream with the Russian oligarchy.

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On Al Franken yesterday...

someone said his business partner complimented him by saying he knew "how to mix business and politics".

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

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