Even Mark Zuckerberg thinks we need to regulate big tech

Mark Zuckerberg might be right...as hard as it is to say. Even he says that government needs to intervene and regulate the practices of big tech companies--even his own Facebook, and many others like Google and Amazon. These companies are not only taking advantage of our private data and using it without our consent, but they are also monopolizing the market and have gotten too big to regulate themselves. Zuckerberg wrote in the Washington Post, "“At our scale we’ll always make mistakes.”

It's time for both state and federal elected officials to hold these companies accountable and make sure that consumers are protected from predatory practices. We are fortunate to have Attorney General Josh Stein who has addressed these issues before and we're hopeful North Carolina takes action to regulate these companies within our state.

This article from the New Yorker couldn't have summed up the need for intervention any better.