Equality NC endorsements

Equality NC PAC released general election endorsements today.


Statewide endorsements are

Bev Perdue (D)
Lt. Governor
Walter Dalton (D)
Attorney General
Roy Cooper* (D)
Commissioner of Labor
Mary Fant Donnan (D)
Commissioner of Insurance
Wayne Goodwin (D)
Secretary of State
Elaine Marshall* (D)
Superintendent of Public Instruction
June Atkinson* (D)
Janet Cowell (D)

Supreme Court
Suzanne Reynolds
Court of Appeals
John Martin*
Court of Appeals
James Wynn*
Court of Appeals
Kristin Ruth
Court of Appeals
Linda Stephens*
Court of Appeals
John Arrowood*

Full list and notes on endorsements at http://equalitync.org/pac/2008g


It was their endorsement

that made me realize & prompted me to get myself and a few others to vote in the run off primary election with Mary Fant Donnan


Truly Disappointing. Their endorsements carried the note that "no Republican who met our criteria decided to take part in the endorsement process."

That is a very sad commentary on the state of politics in this country, when only one Political Party is willing to stand up for equal rights. It is 2008 and not 1958 right??

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"