Equality NC Conference and Gala

The Equality NC Foundation Conference and Gala will be held on Saturday, November 14 in Greensboro.

Registration is open now for the daytime conference, the evening gala, or both! Prices go up after October 30, so register early.

Full schedule here

The daytime conference at UNC-Greensboro's Elliot University Center includes an opening session, three breakout sessions with five workshops to choose from during each breakout session, and a closing keynote in the afternoon.

The evening gala will be held at downtown Greensboro's Empire Room. Senator Julia Boseman is this year's Legislative Leadership Award recipient.

More information about speakers and the conference and gala will be announced in the days ahead.

If you aren't already following Equality NC on twitter, they're at http://twitter.com/equalitync

Also of note, Equality NC hit 1700 Facebook friends earlier today and is already closing in on 1800 tonight. Join them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/equalitync

Find them on the web at www.equalitync.org


ENC does great work

And I hope there Gala will be a huge success, and I'm sure it will b/c they're just awesome.

On a related note of someone who has worked with Equality NC, I want to invite everyone to volunteer with the Mark Kleinschmidt for Mayor Campaign this Saturday! It should be a fun way to follow up Pride week w/ action. He currently serves as an openly gay town council member, & was this year’s Pride Parade Marshall. You may have heard... his speech at the festival grounds. I spent about an hour volunteering w/ Equality NC to collect signatures for their petitions, & the speeches made for a great opportunity to collect signatures w/ a captive audience =p

Canvassing – Walking Dogwood Acres (Southern Village Area)

Mark Kleinschmidt for Mayor

We are reaching out to likely voters, who will vote whether we reach them or not, so we can use all the help we can get to reach as many voters as possible!

Jake Gellar-Goad
Volunteer Coordinator
Mark Kleinschmidt for Mayor

ENC has done amazing work

helping to get important legislation passed in this state. I wish I could attend. While there is a lot of work left to be done, there are certainly reasons to celebrate this year.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Teh interwebs...or is it just Facebook?

Is it just me or is a surge from 1700 two days ago to almost 1950 facebook fans today pretty amazing for this North Carolina advocacy group that focuses on LGBT issues?

There's no active legislation because the General Assembly has adjourned. But Equality NC is racking up the contacts.


They've certainly been actively trying

and I've seen their talking about wanting to increase their fans result in lots of people sharing the ENC Fan Page link, thereby recruiting more people.

I remember back when their facebook group was relatively small, & after the prop 8 protests where we had rallied everyone into one particular facebook group for the Raleigh protest that I was an admin of, I sent out a few messages containing the ENC group page link & invited all my friends at the same time & their group size jumped from the hundreds to over a thousand, which I think is part of why they switched over to a facebook page since it can manage more people than a group. I guess it makes sense if they have the resource that can handle a lot of people like a fan page, they might as well make use of it. And I'm betting online activity on facebook gets more people to sign up for their e-listserv as well, which together increases their capacity to do e-mail petitions to legislators.

Equality NC update

The White House is sending Deputy Director of Public Engagement and LGBT Liaison Brian Bond to speak at Equality NC's Conference and Gala in Greensboro on November 14.

Registration for the daytime conference will Bond will deliver the closing afternoon keynote is an affordable $45. Register here.

A second update, Equality NC's facebook page was at 1700 fans on Wednesday, September 30. Today - less than a week later, it's over 2170.



and wow!

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Update II: Full list of 18 workshops now online & milestone ?

The Equality Conference in Greensboro will have a record 18 workshops this year (6 for each of the 3 breakouts scheduled).

Also, of note in this thread, Equality NC's facebook page is now over 2400 after hitting 1700 less than two weeks ago.

Particular question for folks on BlueNC: Anybody with online advocacy experience got a rough tipping point for Facebook networking? It's interesting to watch the growth.

Has there been social media benchmarking for a state-level group for any type of issue (pro/con, anything)?