The enduring shame of Senator Thom Tillis

A columnist in today's New York Times had this to say:

To the Republican members of the United States Senate:

You have always told us that you believe in the distinctive greatness of the United States of America. “America is different,” as Senator Marco Rubio has said. Ben Sasse likes to say that “America is an idea” — a commitment to universal dignity over brute power. You have also told us that you went into politics to serve a higher purpose. Well, your moment has arrived.

The president of the United States is betraying his oath of office in the most fundamental way, by using the presidency for personal gain at the country’s expense. He has corrupted our foreign policy with grubby attempts to help himself that his own White House staff immediately recognized as improper. He is telling the world that America does not, in fact, stand for any higher ideal. Can you for a moment imagine the icons of your party, like Ronald Reagan or Dwight Eisenhower, risking the security of a country threatened by Russia, for the sake of smearing a political rival?

President Trump must go, and you — only you — have the power to make it happen.

What's remarkable about the column is that it mentions a half-dozen Senators by name, Senators who, the columnist hopes, will have a sense of duty to country. Neither North Carolina Senator made the list.

It's understandable that Senator Burr wouldn't be included. He's done nothing of note during his entire political career, never showing any interest in rocking the boat. Tillis, on the other hand, has emerged as one of the president's staunchest defenders, covering Trump's treason with daily Facebook posts that seem entirely disconnected from reality. Anyone who expects Tillis to become a model of honor and decency is deluded.

And so it goes. We live in a state of despair, where neither of North Carolina's two US Senators have the integrity to judge Trump honestly, to follow the facts where they lead, and to protect and defend the US Constitution. They are the very definition of partisan hacks.