Endorsements thread: 2010 General Election

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Thanks, usernamehere

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MeckPAC endorsements

MeckPAC is a local LGBT PAC that evaluates candidates running in local races in Mecklenburg County.

Their endorsments are here.

If I understand correctly, I think they still rank their evaluations with some candidates rising to the level of "endorsed" while others may get lesser evaluations.


Any more Mecklenburg endorsements or voter guides?

Does anyone have any more Mecklenburg endorsements or voter guides? I'm trying to find a few more resources for someone in that area. Especially something a voter guide like the Indy, the way it has information on all people in the triangle region & questionnaires, but for the Mecklenburg area?

Stan Hammer

15 years ago, I clerked for the summer at Wyatt, Early, Harris, Wheeler in High Point.

My first week, the firm's newest attorney, a former Public Defender by the name of Stanley Hammer, was just starting his time with the firm. Stan became my mentor. A few years later, when I started my career at that firm, Stan and I worked together on a number of cases. I have since moved on, but Stan, as a partner at Wyatt Early, has had a stellar trial practice and appellate career.

IN a firm that size, litigators handle just about every kind of case imaginable. Stan has tried everything from murder cases to business disputes and will contests. He knows how to try cases. More importantly, he knows how the decisions of the Court of Appeals can impact the law as it is applied in the trial courts.

He clerked for Justice Meyer and was a research director at Campbell Law School before becoming a public defender in Greensboro. He has tried hundreds of cases to bench or jury and has been attorney of record in over 40 appeals. As mediator, he has mediated over 70 Superior Court cases. He served for years as an active member of the State Bar Appellate Rules Committee - in particular on the decision to doaway with "Assignment of Error" -- the bane of the appellate lawyer and the ultimate form over substance rule. That alone should earn him the gratitude of anyone who might someday have a case before the COurt of Appeals. And don't kid yourself, that's EVERYONE.

He's brilliant, personable, down to earth and one of the best people I've ever known. 11 years after we last worked together, I still have a note on my desk in my office that reads, simply: WWSHD?

I hope you will give Stan your support in the election to fill Judge Wynn's seat on the Court of Appeals. You vote for your top 3. I hope you will do what I will do, and will: Put the Hammer Down as your first choice. But if you support another candidate - and there are many notable and credible candidates in this race - I hope you will give Stan your second or third choice for the runoff.


"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

Great endorsement, Frank

Stuff like this breathes life into what is often just names on a ballot.

No felons for sheriff

I know I'm at odds with usernamehere on this, but I support this amendment. A sheriff wields a lot of power with very little oversight from a higher authority, and he (or she) needs to have an equal quantity of integrity and sound judgment. Barring felons won't guarantee those things of course, but it should be part of a (basic) regulatory framework.

Not only does the sheriff set policies for the behavior of deputies in dealing with the public, he can also put those same deputies at risk through budgets and shift scheduling and such. Again, good judgment is tantamount. A felony conviction, if nothing else, is a pretty reliable indicator that good judgment is lacking in an individual.

The Libertarians have tried to portray this as a "fairness" issue, by pointing out a handful of questionable felony statutes. I believe they're less concerned with the rights of the aspiring sheriff and more concerned with trying to portray the government as being "out of control", but that's just my perception. But the odds that some dumbass who actually got convicted for stealing pine straw would also want to become sheriff are probably much greater than nine million to one, proving once again that most Libertarians live in a fantasy world.

See, I live in the real world, and I don't want a drug dealer, embezzler, facilitator for organized crime, or even a pine straw thief, running any county-wide law enforcement agency.

I understand this line of thinking

and I respect the intended goal.

However, being an assumed felon myself for much of my life (crimes against nature law was a felony in NC until the Supreme Court struck it down just this decade), I really have problem with the way this is set up.

Since it's another 4 years before we elect sheriffs again, there's plenty of time to pass a better amendment (example: The General Assembly shall have the power to prohibit certain felons from holding the office of sheriff), and then have the legislature draft a better qualification law to reside in the statutes.


NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina Endorsements NCGA + Wake

*Vote for the below pro-choice 2008 incumbents who have championed choice!*

Dan Blue (Wake) SD 14
Josh Stein (Wake) SD 16
Ellie Kinnaird (Orange/Person) SD 23
Tony Foriest (Alamance/Caswell) SD 24
William Purcell (Anson/Richmond/Scotland/Stanley) SD 25
Linda Garrou SD 32
Dan Clodfelter SD 37
Charles Dannelly SD 38
Malcolm Graham (Mecklenberg) SD 40
Martin Nesbitt (Buncombe) SD 49

*Vote for the below 2010 pro-choice challengers who will make your voice heard!*

Susi Hamilton HD 18
Robin Anderson HD 36
Debra McHenry HD 37
Ann Newman HD 103
Frank Deaton HD 104
Kelly Alexander HD 107
Patsy Keever HD 115


*Vote for these pro-choice candidates for Wake County Board of Commissioners. Make vote to show Wake County supports choice!*

This year, several members of the Wake County Board of Commissioners voted to strip abortion coverage from the employee health plan. Thanks to the hard work of our pro-choice base, the Board of Commissioners reversed this decision. As a result, NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina is making endorsements in the commissioners’ races for the first time. Each of the candidates below support including abortion coverage as part of a comprehensive employee health plan.

  • Lindy Brown (Incumbent)
  • Donald Mial
  • Jack Nichols
  • With the November general election fast approaching, NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina is building a voter mobilization program big enough and strong enough to protect our pro-choice gains and elect even more pro-choice candidates.

    As the political leader of the pro-choice movement in our state, NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina will continue to make sure voters know the clear differences between the pro-choice candidates who support the values of freedom and privacy and the anti-choice candidates who want politicians to interfere in our most personal, private decisions.

    We need pro-choice elected officials who understand what access and privacy mean when it comes to reproductive freedom for women.

    Martha Brock

    Jenna Wadsworth for Wake County Soil & Water Supervisor

    I got the Indy's (Independent Weekly's) endorsement, as well as the endorsement of the Wake County Voter Education Coalition and the Grassroots Farm Team. I am also supported by Durham Soil & Water Supervisor Danielle Adams, and former Durham Soil & Water Supervisor Stella Adams. The Raleigh National Organization of Women can't endorse in my race but I have the support of the chapter. I am also on the Wake County Democratic Party's slate card.

    Learn more about me at www.jennawadsworth.com or on our Facebook campaign page or Twitter site.

    Jennifer (Jenna) Austin Wadsworth


    If I could vote for you, Jenna,

    I would gladly do so. For my 3 1/2 dedicated readers (my sister's dog Enzo (Ferrari) reads my stuff, and seems to appreciate it), consider this my endorsement.