The End Game

With complete control in Raleigh since January of this year, the Radical Republicans are marching forward. What is the end game?

It is telling that the budget contains a little-publicized provision that would impose a special registration fee on all-electric vehicles of $100/year, and on hybrid gas-electric vehicles of $50/year. There have been proposals this year and even before this year to ignore established and widely-accepted projections of sea level rise, to roll back the internationally accepted Energy Conservation Code, to prevent counties and municipalities to establish environmental rules adapted to local conditions, and in general to dismiss, and in the case of hybrid and electric cars, punish, technological advances in transportation, energy efficiency and conservation, and alternative energy.

At the same time, the budget continues to slash education spending at all levels, from pre-K right on through our university system.

We keep hearing rhetoric from our elected representatives and the Governor about positioning North Carolina for the jobs of the 21st century. Yet the proposals outlined above say loudly and clearly that we don’t want none of that new-fangled technology stuff here in our state. We certainly don’t want to be a leader in alternative energy jobs, or anything else that requires a highly-educated and skilled workforce. And they certainly don’t want every NC citizen to participate in government of, by, and for the people.

Growing tobacco behind a mule-driven plow, going to town in a horse-drawn buggy, reading by oil lamp, and studying in a one-room schoolhouse using a slate and abacus seem to be the life the “conservatives” want to return us to. And those “good ole days” also meant segregation, Jim Crow, bread lines, and hobos riding the railcars.

How long under the current regime before the Research Triangle Park becomes a ghost town? Because that, surely, is the end game.


End games

Of course it might just be that they're a bunch of short-sighted fools whose only end game is to make a bunch of money while they can. That's certainly true for Tillis and Burr, as well as for all the other shills for special interests.

Another possible end game might involve bolstering their manly egos. Lord knows, the majority are chicken hawks who get off on dominating women and children. I've never seen such a bunch of misogynists in my life.

All that said, you're probably right. They're looking to turn North Carolina into Mayberry, a town which never existed outside the minds of laundry-detergent advertisers. Only in their version of Mayberry, everyone packs heat and Barney Fife has to wear body armor.

Education wise I think the

Education wise I think the end game is to make public schools a place where only a small percentage of families send their kids. That small number will be made up of the poorest children. As they continue to underfund education they will create exactly what they incorrectly complain about, "failing schools" that parents will flee from. The teaching profession will be less and less attractive to young people and the veteran teachers will bail out as soon as the financially can. It will be easier and easier to pass legislation to funnel tax dollars to the private sector and the majority of children will attend private schools that are supplemented by tax payers.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

at which point

we have separate but equal all over again ... and the cycle continues.

It's an ugly but accurate picture.


I wish we had a way to "like" comments. Yours is spot on.

I think they want...

...NC to join North Dakota, South Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Virginia and the other Extreme Red states in what is, sadly, becoming our polarized "Union".

I don't like using the terminology from a shamed former NC presidential candidate, but it's becoming "Two Americas" -- not only in the sense that Mr. Edwards intimated, but also in a shrill dialogue between the Tea Party extremists and the rest of us.

We let the inmates take charge of the asylum, and they've taken us over the cliff. It's a shame, because as James points out, they're not even the majority in this state.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

Art Popelina

Building tomorrow's Republican dystopia today.

Home of Jim Crow, Gerry Manders, and ALEC Laws.

Where you can have all the beer and guns you want, but no jobs, no votes, no healthcare.

A No-Rights-at-Work state where you have to smile and offer service to your local representative of the Noxious Crooks and Grifters Association when you really want to ask how they can sleep at night while waging this war on poor working women.


Not like, but, yeah.


"...the question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be."

Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail