The End of Apple Chill

It looks like the shootings last night may have ended the Chapel Hill street festival known as Apple Chill. The cutely named festival, which was intended as a folksy art festival, will not happen again according to Mayor Foy:

"The (Town) Council's first responsibility to the citizens is public safety," Foy said in a written news release issued Monday afternoon. "We cannot continue to be confident that Apple Chill can be conducted in a way that is safe for citizens. I want to end Apple Chill. Tonight, I will ask the Council to give our staff that directive. Yesterday was the last Apple Chill."

It is a shame when a place that we like to think of as a bucolic village cannot have a street festival without having it degrade into violence.


That's too bad

Charlotte lost its Springfest for much the same reason. The first step was the introduction of too much alcohol to go along with the rock bands. Then the crime started. Vendors didn't want to set up because of the theft. They tried to hold it with just food, beverages and music for a few years, but it kept getting more and more out of hand.

There's always Hillsborough Hog Day. I was there for the first one and we've gone the past few years. It's just a, so it's Hillsborough..'nuf said.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Chapel Hill

has about 50,000 residents, and Carrboro nearly 20,000 more; and the two are part of a much larger metro region. Chapel Hill's villiage-ness is a matter of culture and appearance, but that only goes so far (as we saw this weekend).

Now Mebane—there's bucolic for you! Maybe next year Apple Chill organizers could put together MebFest 2007. (Woooooooo!)