Emily Nicholson for NC House

"I have been approached with a question that I don’t think a male candidate would be asked. I asked someone to vote for me, a Democrat, and he said “I’m not sure I can vote for you because I’m worried about your kids not having a mom at home.” I was shocked! We face so many preconceptions from men and women. Some of my own family members are asking me that question too. As a woman having to answer a question a male candidate wouldn’t face feels wrong. I want policy questions. My husband and I have worked out how to balance our family and it’s our business. I was surprised to get that question from someone who I thought was a progressive Democrat.

Emily's district covers a lot of ground, some of which you need a boat to visit. She's doing the hard work and it shows.

’m a Chowan County native, raised by two tireless community advocates. As a Workforce Development professional, I have worked for the past five years to enhance the skills and preparedness of our emerging and existing labor pool in ten counties of Northeastern N.C. to meet the immediate and future demands of businesses. As a former educator and mom of three young daughters, I have a lot at stake in ensuring our region experiences economic growth. We need agents of change and a generational shift in our elected leaders so that they are truly representative of our citizenry and interests. My legislative priorities are centered around affordable, quality healthcare, universal access to education from birth to adulthood, business sustainability and expansions that offer livable wages, clean water, air and energy, and sustainable infrastructure. Comprehensive and innovative approaches are key to exploiting our strengths and overcoming our challenges. Join me in working to transform the counties of House District 1 (Bertie, Camden, Chowan, Perquimans, Tyrrell and Washington) through your vote on November 3rd. I look forward to serving you

Women are running to take back the legislature. Help them out