Elizabeth Warren will be in Triangle and Triad today & tomorrow

Fighting her way to the top took skill and energy:

The Massachusetts senator is holding a town hall-style meeting Thursday evening at Raleigh's Broughton High School. Earlier in the day the public can attend a Warren interview on the North Carolina A&T State University campus in Greensboro. On Friday morning, she'll participate in a Raleigh forum assembled by groups focused on issues important to the Latino community.

These are Warren's first campaign events in North Carolina, which is expected to be a presidential battleground state next November. North Carolina's presidential primary is one of many scheduled for March 3 and is just three days after the key Democratic primary in South Carolina.

Understand, this is not an endorsement. BlueNC readers come from across the spectrum, from blueish dogs to Che Guevara t-shirt wearing radical leftists, and all points in-between. I wouldn't dream of trying to sway you folks one way or another, because you're smarter than the average bear. But I am getting tired as hell of reading about how she can't get elected because of this or that personality trait. I mean, come on. Trump is a silver-spoon-sucking narcissistic fuckwit of epic proportions. Apparently our ideas of "likeability" are terminally flawed. Here's more on this nonsense:

Over the past few days, two of the leading male candidates in the Democratic presidential primary race — Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg — have escalated separate lines of attack as they attempt to counter the field’s most prominent woman: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is antagonistic and angry.

She also is an uncompromising elitist, they argue, suggesting that if she were the nominee, it would harm the party in the must-win states in the upper Midwest.

The new attacks, marking a more vigorous phase of the race, get at something far beyond her policy positions, and into one of the most fraught areas for a female candidate: Is she likable?

Pushing that argument is treacherous given that many Democrats remain upset over what they view as sexist treatment of Hillary Clinton, the party’s last nominee. Warren’s allies view the language being used against her as constructed to be particularly devastating for female candidate and beyond the policy divisions between her and her rivals.

Oh no, an angry woman. Better put on some goggles lest she try to scratch your eyes out. Gimme a break, it's not the 1960's anymore.

I'm also seeing an increase in skepticism (if not outright opposition) to Medicare For All. And like the chicken or the egg, I'm not sure if that is driven by an unreasonable fear of a Liz Warren vs. Trump race, or vice-versa. Just so you know, when you say, "I don't want my taxes going up by $5,000 a year!" But last week you complained about your insurance premiums costing your family $11,000 a year, your math skills are obviously strained beyond the breaking point.

As I said, not an endorsement. But don't tell me your guy (or gal) who is polling at 3% has a better shot of winning than she does, because that's some second-level delusion right there.