Election results: Open thread

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This is Betsy.....Heath Shuler in trouble according to early vote totals. Very close for GK Butterfield and David Price....closer than I thought it would be. These are just early vote totals. Let's hope Dems came out in droves today.


3 hours to go

keep calling / keep knocking

Nan and I just returned from working the poll for 5 Hrs...

It's the heaviest turnout we've seen in our precinct. I was # 1000 when I got my ballot at about 11:30 am.

There were a lot more Republicans working the polling area than Democrats....but that doesn't mean too much. It's the voters that count. I'll be watching the results. I believe if the Dems have a heavy turnout we have a good chance. Otherwise...it's over.

Stan Bozarth

No clear patterns in early voting

In some districts, R's are up, in others the D's are up ... wildly swinging margins. Will be interesting to see how the ground game kicked in today.

A huge number of straight-ticket voting on both sides. That pretty much says what our country has become.

Libertarians barely showed up.

You're wrong James :)

There is one prevailing pattern. Those Republicans running unopposed are winning. Heh...sorry....had to do it. :)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Urgh....the see-sawing just kills me

but nice to see Shuler closing and Basnight moving ahead....not nice to see David Price falling behind...

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

"Start Me Up"

What an ironic choice for Burr's victory song. He's been there 16 years and hasn't started yet.

It looks like Tony Foriest is going to win in my District, however, which is a good sign.

News 14 messed up

Now it looks like Gunn is ahead of Foriest by 8% or so. Not good.

Price now pulling ahead

as Durham votes come in. Orange delivered nearly 20K ... crucial.

Richard Slacker Burr turns my stomach.

Interesting note....Joe "You Lie" Wilson is struggling

and I have my fingers crossed for Spratt....

Kissell race is narrowing but I can't really tell what is out...having a hard time getting pages to load.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Etheridge on the ropes

Nurse Ellmers. God help us.

Or more important, god help you if you're a woman who wants your pregnancy covered by health insurance.

According to Brent Woodcox

Basnight has called to concede loss of NC Senate Majority

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Makes me sick.

In '94, Nesbitt was in line for Speaker. Now they called him in as majority leader just in time for the Democrats to lose their majority.

Does anyone know how the House stands?

And I'm pretty sure she doesn't, but does Bev Perdue have any say over redistricting?

I should probably be watching results somewhere, but I don't have the stomach for it.

I'm not watching local returns for that reason

I was already prepared for the national tide...still held out hopes for local races...

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Commenter on DailyKos

says we've lost both houses. So Republicans do all the redistricting. Great. I'd love to hear some reason why this state isn't about to become the next Alabama.

Marriage Discrimination Constitutional Amendment

Is on its way now. I just heard the GOP likely took the state senate based on projections. They are the ones that buried this amendment every year.

Last year it only took 2 days into the session for the constitutional amendment to be proposed. When I graduate grad school in the spring, I'll definitely be highly weighing jobs outside of NC if this comes to pass.

Etheridge looks to have lost narrowly

Based on data from the state board of elections. Only Johnston County still has any precincts left, and I don't see them going for Etheridge.

Etheridge indeed goes down

once Johnston County reported in....

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Out of the weak ones, Etheridge, Shuler, Kissel, & McIntyre

I think Etheridge might be the easiest one to replace come a presidential election year.

Places like Raleigh, Pittsboro, Lilington, Smithfield, and Franklinton don't strike me as tough to win in a Presidential election than some of the more conservative seats.

Although, those districts wont look the same next time, especially with the GOP controlling the state senate.

why replace him?

The next presidential election more than likely won't look like the last. A true progressive can't win in that district as it stands now. Etheridge may want to run again. Why toss that name recognition? This wasn't a vote against Etheridge. David Price came back after his loss. I don't know....maybe he won't want to run again....just suggesting we not nail his coffin shut quite yet. :)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I lost my excitement about him

after his vote in favor of DADT discrimination. I never told anyone not to vote for him though.

I'm not in his district any more though. But I'd have a hard time getting excited about him winning. Unless that issue is resolved in the next 4 years. But we just lost any chance in the House to pass DADT repeal, and the courts will take years to work their way up, assuming the Log Cabin Republican's case can survive that long. I know many LGBTs who opposed Etheridge for this vote-wise (either stayed home or were weighing punishment votes), and others who refused to campaign for or donate to him. I never opposed him, but I posted on his fb wall & every event that he invited me to that I'd like him to reconsider his DADT repeal position.

I can't believe he lost by 2099 votes though. I thought he was always the safest of the 4 somewhat vulnerable ones. Is that close enough for a recount?

that vote may have cost him more than any other

I wasn't thinking about specific legislation...more along the general name recognition/electability line. I'm sure there are a lot of votes people could hold against Etheridge, but his vote against DADT is a lot harder to forgive.

I was pretty shocked at the final total. I don't think it is close enough for an automatic recount and I haven't heard of any irregularities that might trigger one.

Even if Etheridge does decide to run again it doesn't mean we have to hand him over the seat. I didn't mean to suggest that. Primaries are good for voters even if they are a pain in the fanny for the incumbent or favored candidate. :)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I messaged

over 4000 ppl recently on a pro-marriage equality on fb. highlighting the best lgbt advocates to turn out for.

i thought etheridge was fairly safe, & didn't think i could (or maybe even should) use a pro-lgbt group to advocate for someone who voted in favor of discrimination.

i never worked against him, but i constantly explained why i couldn't work for him, and pushed all my advocacy & friends advocacy efforts in other directions. and i feel like i'm more dem leaning that most lgbts i interact with on places like PHB.

Not counting anyone who sat out the election, 185,159 voted in the etheridge v ellmers election. Some studies say LGBT people make up 3 to 12% of the population. I most commonly see 10%. Family Research Council (anti-gay group uses the about 3%). Much more if you consider allies. Etheridge lost by 1.13%. Can't say that means this is the only issue, almost certainly national mood did a lot, maybe Ellmers anti-muslim fearmongering worked too. But its something to think about.

Think of the power you wield :)

Now that you point it out, I think this particular vote may very well have had something to do with his loss. Hard to deny those numbers.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

There will be a push for

DADT repeal in the lame duck. I don't know if they'll actually make the vote happen or not. But if they do...

I wonder where Etheridge will stand now that he isn't staring down a re-election... where does his heart truly lie?

I know where Representative Ellmers stands... that's for sure.

Etheridge requesting recount - 1.6k votes apart

It was even closer than I thought.


...said he will call for a recount in his re-election bid, where he trails Republican challenger Renee Ellmers by about 1,600 votes.

State law allows for recounts when the difference between the candidates is less than 1 percent of the total votes cast. With more than 188,000 votes cast in the Second District, any difference of less than 1,880 votes would be eligible for a recount.