Election 2016: NC House seats needing Dem challengers

Less than a week before the filing deadline, and the list of seats unchallenged by Dems is massive:

District and (GOP) Candidate already filed

1 Bob Steinburg *** Sam Davis (D)
2 Larry Yarborough *** Joe Parrish (D)
3 Michael Speciale *** Marva Fisher Baldwin (D)
4 Jimmy Dixon
10 John R. Bell *** Evelyn Paul (D)
13 Pat McElraft *** Rodney Alexander (D)
14 George Cleveland

(list continues below the fold)

15 Phillip Shepard *** Dan Whitten (D)
16 Chris Millis *** Steve Unger (D)
17 Frank Iler *** Charles Warren (D)
19 Ted Davis
20 Holly Grange/Tammy Covil
25 Jeff Collins *** Jim Lee (D)
28 Larry Strickland/Tony Braswell *** Patricia Oliver (D)
36 Nelson Dollar *** Jen Geurin Ferrell (D)
40 Marylin Avila *** Joe John (D)
45 John Szoka *** Roberta Waddell (D)
46 Brenden Jones *** Tim Benton (D)
52 Jamie Boles/John Zumwalt
55 Mark Brody *** Kim Hargett (D)
59 Jon Hardister *** Scott Jones (D)
61 John Faircloth
62 John Blust
63 Stephen Ross
64 Dennis Riddell
67 Justin Burr/Lane Burris *** Carson Snyder (D)
68 Craig Horn
69 Dean Arp *** Gordon Daniels (D)
70 Pat Hurley *** Lois Bonsack (D)
73 Dwight Shook/Lee Zachary
74 Debra Conrad *** Marilynn Baker (D)
75 Donny C. Lambeth
76 Carl Ford
77 Andrew Poston/Harry Warren
78 Alan McNeil *** William (Bill) McCaskill (D)
79 Julia Howard
80 Sam Watford
81 Potts/Pearce/Forrest *** Andy Hedrick (D)
82 Larry Pittman/Michael Fisher *** Earle Schecter (D)
83 Linda Johnson/Nathan Stone *** Jeremy Hachen (D)
84 Rena Turner *** John Wayne Kahl (D)
85 Josh Dobson
87 Destin Hall/George Robinson
88 Rob Bryan *** Mary Gardner Belk (D)
89 Mitch Setzer
90 Sarah Stevens *** Vera Reynolds (D)
91 Kyle Hall *** Eugene Russell (D)
94 Jeffrey Elmore *** Michael Lentz (D)
95 John Fraley
96 Jay Adams
97 Jason Saine
98 John Bradford
104 Andy Dulin *** Peter Noris (D)
105 Tim Morgan *** Connie Greene Johnson
108 John Torbett
109 Dana Bumgarner *** Susan Maxon (D)
110 Kelly Hastings
111 Tim Moore
112 Mike Hager
113 Cody Hensen/Coty Ferguson *** Maureen Copelof (D)
114 ? *** Susan Fisher (D)
115 Frank Moretz/Bob Chilmonik *** John Ager (D)
117 Chuck McGrady
120 Elliot Southworth/Kevin Corbin *** Randy Hogsed (D)

Authors note: If you know of a Democratic challenger who is planning on filing for any of these districts, please mention so in the comments and adjustments will be made.



I may have overlooked

a few seats with no filings yet, I'm trying to uncross my eyes right now...


Adding these to the list along with Scott Jones (59).

NC GA House 40 has a D

This is in the round-up -
FORMER APPEALS COURT JUDGE RUNS FOR NC HOUSE (Raleigh News & Observer) -- Former state Appeals Court Judge Joe John wants to challenge incumbent Republican Marilyn Avila in House District 40 in Wake County.

What did happen to hd75 and hd114?

Strange that those two are not in the csv or the pdf.

75 is currently Representative Donny Lambeth, Republican, Forsyth
114 is currently Representative Susan C. Fisher, Democrat, Buncombe

Interesting ... do you think it's related to the way that electronic voting machines eat votes?

Are you working on the NC Senate? If not, let me know and I'll play with it.

They may not

have filed yet.

p.s. Thanks for the Senate post. I had to make a run to RDU (from Elon) to pick up my sister.

HD-118 & HD-119 Have Super Dem Candidates

Rhonda Cole Schandevel of Canton for HD-118 against Repub Michelle Presnell who co-sponsored the state religion bill.
Joe Sam Queen filed for re-election in HD-119. He has 2 Repub challengers.

CC Larivee

Almost halfway - 59 races with Democrats

As of this morning, there are still 61 NC House seats without a Democratic candidate - exactly the number of seats Republicans need for a majority.

New candidates added Tues/Wed (unless I missed them earlier) - 37, 59, 103, 115

Any contested House seat total less than 73 is a failure

It's been great to see this legislative contested seat tracking here.

While the goal should be to fill the whole ballot, the mark for failure is really not contesting enough seats in each to override vetoes without the other party -- you know, like the GOP does now.

So anything less than 73 contested seats in the House and 31 contested seats in the Senate should be measured as a complete failure.

Fully contested seats in all districts is complete success.

Anything in the middle is, well...middling.

Anyone telling you differently may just not want to win -- or want to be held accountable for leadership.


I guess we aren't a failure

I may have missed one or two, but it looks like we have 92 seats covered. We still need to do better, but this is a great start.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Not a complete failure, not a success -- just middling

It still blows my mind that 20% of seats in each chamber are uncontested, but more that it is accepted as being OK or somehow logical because of gerrymandering/conventional wisdom/other nonsense.


Mind blown

That's a permanent state these days. With the NCSC declaring that gerrymandering for political gain is The American Way, Art Pope has run the table.

It's much more than 20%

On the House side, 31 Democrats and 29 Republicans have no major party opposition - that is exactly half the chamber.
On the Senate side, 6 Democrats and 12 Republicans have no major party opposition - 36% of the seats.

This is what extreme partisan gerrymandering gets us - a whole bunch of uncompetitive seats where office holders only answer to primary voters. This has helped to drive the GOP agenda to the far right.

NC badly needs a non-partisan redistricting commission like Iowa has.

I was preparing to file again

for one of two Congressional districts. Fortunately, Thomas Mills and Josh Brannon stepped up to fill the slots.

That said, I'm disappointed that the filings are so meager. If I were in charge, there would be someone on the Democratic ticket in every race in every district every year. Somebody should be setting up a production plan to make it easy for new folks to get in the race, complete with funding for filing fees. You never know when a candidate is going to drop dead or get accused of bigamy. Someone should be standing in the wings 100% of the time.

Getting a candidate in every Congressional district is a bit easier because residence in the district isn't required.


That statement is another failure of logic

Both legislative seats in my district (my main concern along with county commission and appellate courts) have good candidates. But even if they didn't, it's more than fair game for anyone to complain about the House or Senate Caucus and the party and how they do -- or don't -- run effective operations.


Yes, it is fair game

But it would also be reasonable for you to throw in a few words of support here and there, especially in light of your earlier declaration (with which I agreed) that anything less than 73 House seats filed/contested/whatever would be unacceptable. Dems are represented in 92 House races. It ain't a perfect sweep, and we missed some high-profile high-dollar seats, and will suffer from the money being passed around.

But come on, man! A lot of brave people stepped up, and regardless of whether that was a result of or in spite of our Party leaders, I think it's kinda cool. Of course, I'm easily impressed, but that's beside the point. ;)

I was just trying to buffer

your constant and counterproductive negativity. It is poisonous.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

house 2 should get a D today

House 2 should get a D today.
If not, I file on Monday.
And my spouse looks into divorce proceedings a few minutes later.
(Just kidding about the divorce thing! ..... I hope.)

Go for it!

If you need marriage counseling in the aftermath, I'll be glad to give it a shot. I'll start with my "the grass is not greener on the other side" lecture, and work from there. ;)


The house 2 filer was talked into a delay - (full disclosure: I helped) - Yes, he is very young (24) but so far, no one wants to put themselves through a nasty campaign to have so little influence in the GA. I hope if the magic unicorn they are seeking does not appear by 10AM Monday morning, the talkers will STFU and step aside. Any real D on the ballot is better than no D on the ballot.
(Klan sympathizers are not real Ds in my estimation - we had one of those running in the last primary election)

Definitely not a Democrat

We got a big tent, but it ain't that big. And if it ever gets that big, I will slice it open and push Mr. Klansman out. And then I will get some duct tape and fix the crack in the tent, while explaining to people still inside the tent that it was their fault and not mine, and that I need $4.99 for a new roll of duct tape, unless they want to leave me with no defense against natural catastrophes, which...Okay, I rode that poor metaphor until it collapsed. Sorry. :)

Excerpt from NCDP fundraising e-mail:

NC Dems in the House & Senate are well positioned to break the super-majority and sustain a Democratic Governor’s veto.

Um, no they're not. Instead of asking for money with a bunch of happy talk, the NCDP needs to be laser-focused on contesting more of those seats. We've tried the bare minimum approach already, and it's failed every time.

Happy Talk

has indeed been the message of fund-raising appeals from NCDP and affiliated organizations, like Progress NC Action. They need to get serious about meaningful redistricting reform if Democrats are to have any chance of rolling back GOP control of the General Assembly. Every district should have a Democratic challenger to show the level of voter support Democrats command across the state. Leaving a record number of legislative and congressional districts uncontested is not the way forward.


Lee Mortimer

House 100 (Cotham seat) gets 2 Dems

BlueNC friend John Autry will face Billy Maddalon in the Democratic primary

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

The files are updated.

Man, that was one long holiday party! They were updated this morning. Senate filings has been updated with 3 new Ds.

Looks like we have these new D filings

1 DEM Sam Davis
46 DEM Tim Benton
81 DEM Andy Hedrick
91 DEM Eugene Russell
94 DEM Michael T. Lentz
104 DEM Peter Noris
109 DEM Susan Maxon
114 DEM Susan C. Fisher
120 DEM Randy Hogsed
... and NC-2 will file tomorrow. Maybe two NC2s. That's the rumor.

Added these as well

15 Dan Whitten
36 Woodie Cleary - challenger for Nelson Dollar in Wake County

That puts Democrats at 73 total races contested. The Republicans have 83. Nice bump on Friday.

4 Congressional seats remain uncontested:
2 Ellmers
5 Foxx
7 Rouzer
8 Hudson

Thanks! Updated the list above

At least I think it's up-to-date. Not the easiest thing to keep up with. I probably should have deleted the newly-contested seats to trim the list down, but those Dem challengers deserve the recognition for stepping up.

Thanks for the updates!

Hopefully Jen's Moms Demand Action buddies will help boost her campaign. She would be a great asset in the Legislature.

NC2 - Joe Parrish

He's young - 24. So please show him some love.
Person High School, UNC-CH.
Joe Parrish.
He's from Timberlake (Person) but his sister is in Stem (Granville) so he has a place in both pieces of NC-02.