Education Tweet-storm!

Arne Duncan opened a can of worms this morning, with a single tweet:

Arne Duncan
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What if every district committed both to identifying what made their 5 best schools successful & providing those opps to all their students?

Responses include:

Amy Cody Clancy ‏@acodyclancy @KJeskey @BadassTeachersA @arneduncan What if the top 5 schools have less poverty, more parental supp and the money with which to succeed?

Keith Ammann ‏@geeniusatwrok
@arneduncan #Whatif it turned out that what made their five best schools successful was that they were the five wealthiest?

Progressive Warrior ‏@TeacherWarrior 3
#whatif every legislator had to pass the tests before voting on their use to rate teachers? @arneduncan

Kathleen Jeskey ‏@KJeskey
@arneduncan #WhatIf the parents of my students were paid a living wage which enabled them to provide their children with adequate nutrition?

crazy crawfish ‏@crazycrawfish @arneduncan. u mean like wealthy parents, adequately funded schools & qualified, certified teachers? Yeah right. Like that's gonna happen.

Kathleen Jeskey ‏@KJeskey 

@arneduncan #WhatIf all my students had access to dental services, adequate health care including mental health services?

Kathleen Jeskey ‏@KJeskey 
@arneduncan #WhatIf my school were adequately funded so that we could have a school counselor again? Or physical education?

Kathleen Jeskey ‏@KJeskey
@arneduncan #WhatIf we had a Secretary of Education who had actually spent even one day in an inner city/rural class full of poor kids?

Keith Ammann ‏@geeniusatwrok
@arneduncan #Whatif those five used flexible curricula and progressive, student-centered methods that didn't generate big bucks for Pearson?

Rob ‏@polak815@arneduncan what if you realized all students/schools are not the same?

@arneduncan #WhatIf as our nation's education leader you tried to do something about child poverty and its effects?

Kathleen Jeskey ‏@KJeskey
@arneduncan #WhatIf you were held accountable for your lack of leadership on issues of child poverty?

@japaspanglish @arneduncan @BadassTeachersA when I did pull-out ESL, I taught kindergarteners in the lunch room while lunch staff prepped.

@lapham_katie @arneduncan @BadassTeachersA #Whatif the neediest students weren't regulated to closets, cafeterias, offices etc?

Kristin Vogel ‏@funtobehad @lapham_katie @japaspanglish @arneduncan @BadassTeachers. A Dead animals in the air vents. Whole room smelled of rotting animals.

Kristin Vogel ‏@funtobehad
@lapham_katie @japaspanglish @arneduncan @BadassTeachersA once the source has been found a request for maintenance needs to go in.

CriticalClassrooms ‏@lapham_katie @funtobehad @japaspanglish @arneduncan @BadassTeachersA Arne, have we spoiled yer dinner? We also clean up kid poop, pee, vomit, nose bleeds

Dinah Miller ‏@DinahMillerTX
@arneduncan #whatif. Louisiana taxpayer vouchers didn't pay 4 schools to teach Loch Ness monster is real in Science?

NH BATs - L. Graykin ‏@L_Graykin @arneduncan #Whatif federal funding for education was sufficient to pay for federal #education mandates? #Makeitso or #STFU

Heather Poland ‏@TeachrPerspctve
What if I didn't have a 25% homeless population at my school? @arneduncan

BallerinaX ‏@BallerinaX
@arneduncan #whatIf public schools & our kids were not approached as a billion $ market for vulture capitalists to suck profit from tax $$

Dinah Miller ‏@DinahMillerTX @arneduncan #whatif Those who caused financial collapse in '08 didn't want to profiteer off public education funding now?

mary jane burke ‏@burkemaryjane
@arneduncan @SuptSteinhauser another way to frame this is that no student should be in a school you would not want for your own child

Dee Quixote ‏@DeeQuixote
@arneduncan #whatif you understood children who are loved come to school to learn and those that are not loved come to school to be loved?

ina andres ‏@tmareace
@arneduncan What if every school had a full time art, music and PE teacher as well as a fully functioning library?

tina andres ‏@tmareace @arneduncan What if education dollars weren't attached to sticks and carrots?



And a few follow-ups.

And a few follow-ups.

Marla Kilfoyle ‏@marla_kilfoyle #Whatif has 25,300 tweets in 24 hours! @arneduncan: we demand to be heard loud & clear. Are you listening?

Gene V Glass ‏@GeneVGlass #whatif ALEC (its corporations and politicians) stopped writing the nation's education policy?

Susan DuFresne1 ‏@GetUpStandUp2 #Whatif global competition isn't the real purpose of education after all? #CommonCore

What if the folks in charge of education

realized that technology cannot replace a caring, competent teacher and that high stakes testing is a foolish attempt at quantifying what cannot be quantified.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?