Early Results: No Surprises Yet

Update NBC 17 has more recent results.

I should be away studying for my final law school exam, but popped into the Board of Elections results site and wanted to share. So far, no results in local Wake races, but some in the 11th and 8th where front runners are all coasting:


Larry Kissell DEM 1,938
John Autry DEM 531
Tim Dunn DEM 516
Mark F. Ortiz DEM 310


Heath Shuler DEM 2,525
Michael Morgan DEM 589


Charles H. Taylor REP 3,838
John C. Armor REP 1,178

More interesting results should start rolling in. But one thing seems for certain, that the turnout was pretty low.


Looking Good

Help me out gang...I am up here in Northern Va.....what are the contested races we should be paying attention to in the legislature......besides Morgan in House #52?

I'm watching Doug Jones

in House 116 - Buncombe. He will have it tough in the general since it was Wilma Sherrill's seat. His YD club won a national award this year yet three others filed against him. Don't know if it was because he filed late or what . . .

NC-41, Durham DA, and some judicial

Repub. turned Dem Mintz (some say the switch is not legit) versus DFA All Star Ty Harrell.

We will see if Lacrosse investigation kills Nifong

judicial primaries
This is the first time with a nonpartisan primary so it will be interesting to see what we get.

The waiting is the hardest part

9:12 still no results in for the NC house 41st race or any races in wake so far

Nifong Wins

Just saw it on NBC 17. More of an interesting sidelight than anything else.

We still have no results for Char/Meck

This is getting a little frustrating.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

See update

They have races from all over the state.

I'm refreshing at the state site

for the 8th, but they don't even include Mecklenburg in the drop down list of counties included in the count. That's puzzling...maybe they'll add Meck when we send some results in. I have the Meck site in one window and SBoe in the other.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Can I just say....

the state board of elections web site sucks!! You have no idea how much of a county is in, or what % of the votes were cast. Can't we do better than this......I mean it is 2006, even in Raleigh!

No Kev...it's only 1990 in Raleigh.

..and it's still 1975 in Charlotte.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Funny SD! but don't get me started...

or I'll tell you about election night in Concord in 1973.

I heard about Nifong, DA in Durham, what about Morgan In Moore and Jones in Buncome...any news other than SBOE?

Morgan Lost...

According to Anglico, still trying to verify

Wainwright Supreme Court Seat

The Wainwright seat looks interesting. Robin Hudson, the choice around here, has a strong lead, but the ultra-conservative Calabria is in second. The socially conservative Democrat Gore had been ahead early and in striking distance most of the night but faded recently. If he would have taken second, we could have been assured a Democrat in the seat in November. But now it looks good for Hudson, as finishers 3 and 4 are Democrats whose votes would presumably mostly go to her.

Robinson Wins Repub. NC-13

The self-proclaimed, Black Jesse Helms, has advanced to face Brad Miller in November according to NBC 17.

Runoff in NC House district 29

The crowded Democratic field (5 challengers) got narrowed down to Sandy Ogburn 26% and Larry Hall 30% according to NBC 17. I have no idea what is going on in this race other than that.

Whose seat was this?

I have known Sandy since 1990, she was on city council-but don't know Hall. Jacobs and Langely have been elected to other offices too.

Ah....this used to be George Miller's

seat prior to that. Very split down race lines. Low turnout in a runoff....who knows. Is Hall a good guy?

Nodding off...

I am using the popcorn method. Since nothing has come up in the last 10 minutes, I am heading to bed. Need my beauty sleep after all.

If anything changes, make sure that you post it.