Early, Early, Early '08 Governor's Poll

Via Citizen with Bob Geary. Public Policy Polling released a poll on the '08 Democratic primary. The results:

Perdue leads Moore 36% to 23% among likely
Democratic primary voters. State Representative Bill Faison received support from 6% of survey respondents.

Way too early for any serious consideration of this poll, but fun anyway. Also, this seems to me to be a little of the media creating these candidates by continually pumping them.


Faison: The Edwards model

Bill Faison is a successful (trial) lawyer from Durham with deep, deep pockets. From what I hear he also has an ego fit for a king. When Black got in trouble, he started talking about being the next Speaker. The Governor talk has been going on longer than that, but who knows if he is serious.

If he does run, it will not be by traditional means. My best guest is he self-funds his race while trying to out-manuever Perdue and Moore in the primary. All three have their progressive streaks, but Perdue and Moore have been around the political scene longer, meaning they have more baggage. Think of the politicking it takes for a woman to become Lt. Governor in this state. Faison, if he has the smarts to go with the wealth and the ego, will use this to his advantage and run as a new face, untainted by Raleigh.

From what I have seen from him, he also does a good job as painting himself as just another Joe. His district represents part of Caswell and the word is he figured out early on to drive his truck when he heads that way. Those simple things can stack up in the rural areas and could help to build his legitimacy. Is that enough to undo the machines Moore and Perdue have built? I doubt it.

trucks matter

good point about appearances.

would be interesting to see him in the race against billy bob graham. two trial lawyers cut from same cloth, each trying to paint the other as a crooked ambulance chaser. hard to see the wisdom of taking on bev and/or richard


I guess I should add some more here. I went to the OC Dem Convention with some bad idealism about Faison. Mostly from a few comments made here and there about him online. I wasn't looking for him in any way, shape or form. So, after talking with all those in office, running for office, I found myself standing next to this guy in jeans, a windbreaker, and a baseball cap who was mowing down some barbecue. A second glance led me to realize it was Faison. So, being who I am, I confronted him on why North Carolina Dems are acting like DINOs. He sniffed it out before I was through the first sentence and laid out a long litany of his Progressive positions.

I met him again at the State convention, where he was in a more appropriate suit and tie, and we had a conversation about the abortion debate that had gone on (he had arrived right afterwards). His position would be described as Progressive and he thought the wording had been watered down in the latest platform.

Now, what he says when he is out in Caswell is anyone's guess, but if he sticks to the words spoken to me, at this point, I have nothing against him.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Anglico's prediction

Bev Perdue and Richard Moore will go at it hard between now and primary time in 08. Faison will think about jumping into the fray but will restrain himself, holding out for a run against Burr in 2010.

On the wingnut side, Billy Bob Graham has already painted himself into a corners. He's proven he can and will spend ungodly amounts of money to get what he wants, so why should anyone contribute to his ego trip by supporting his run for governor with their own cash? He'll get sick of having to grovel for dollars and say fuck it within the next 12 months.

Beyond Graham, the only other viable winger (in his own mind) is Fred Smith, who thinks of himself as a big fish in the NC Senate. Sadly, no one outside the Senate knows who he is or cares. Give it up, Fred.

All of which means:

Bev Perdue will be the next governor of North Carolina. Why? Because she's more of a good old boy than Richard Moore, and for better or for worse, being a good old boy matters in the old North State.

$$$$ in race for Governor of NC

From the Charlotte Observer 7/18

RALEIGH - State Treasurer Richard Moore and Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue are running close in the race for money in the 2008 campaign for the Democratic nomination for governor.

Moore reported raising $500,000 over the past six months for a total of $1.9 million on hand.

Perdue's campaign officials said they collected $650,000 in the first half of the year and have $1.6 million in the bank.

On the Republican side, Sen. Fred Smith, of Johnston County, estimated he raised $30,000 during the past six months and has about $482,000 on hand.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.