Durham Democratic Convention


Been here over 30 years, Voted Democratic in every election. The link is to a post on my website about attending my first party convention.

A lot of other newbies there too.

Bemused not inspired.



There's always a learning curve...

I too attended my first County Democratic Party convention recently as a delegate, and came away a little confused and bemused. But (luckily) we started and finished pretty much on time, and that included hearing from each Executive Committee candidate who was present, or wished to speak, anyway.

I've attended several meetings (local and state) over the years, so I could write about them, and I've noticed a few things. Generally speaking, the bigger the Democratic cat herd, the longer and crazier it can be. And the thing to keep in mind is, the more you try to bring order to the chaos, the more complaints you get about top-down bullying, or stifling people's voices and such.

But your points about the lack of information on websites is spot on. Whenever votes are coming up in formal meetings, there should be an easily-accessible candidate bio (supplied by the candidate, not written by a staffer), and background information on proposed resolutions, rule changes, whatever. As it stands now (from what I've seen), precinct caucusing is more like guessing the number of beans in a jar than comparing notes about why this is a good or bad thing.

Lotta work to do.

This requires the obligatory

This requires the obligatory Will Rogers quote. Everybody together now, "I am not a member of any ............."

I'm a moderate Democrat.