Dunn Gone

The text of the press release follows:


Democratic congressional candidate Tim Dunn announced today that he was ending his bid to represent the 8th congressional district. Dunn said:

“I am withdrawing from this race because I am no longer in the position to meet my family financial obligations and continue with this campaign. The stakes are too high to not be able to devote every bit of my being into winning this race. But after being in this campaign for over six months, it is very apparent that I will hurt my family and also the ultimate goal of this campaign if I continue in this race. It has come down to a choice between my family obligations and the campaign for Congress and my family will always come first.”

Dunn closed his law office in 2004, mobilized with the Marines and served in Iraq. Upon returning from Iraq, Dunn reopened his law office in Fayetteville and announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination in the 8th Congressional District to run against Republican U.S. Congressman, Robin Hayes.

He thanked his family and supporters for their belief in him and vowed to help continue the fight,

“To the many supporters who worked tirelessly, and gave generously, I give you my heartfelt appreciation and unending gratitude. Although our campaign in 2006 is over, the battle can and must still be won. I’ve said from the beginning that this race is not about Tim Dunn or any other candidate, this race is about the direction of our country, and that direction must change. Through your support our campaign has brought the issues of the 8th Congressional District, North Carolina, and the nation to the forefront of local and national media.”

“Now that I am not in a position to move forward in this congressional race, I urge you to support Democrat Larry Kissell, a schoolteacher and ex-textile worker from Biscoe. We now need to work together to win this race and I fully endorse Larry and his campaign.”

“Although I will not have the honor to serve you in the 110th Congress, I will continue to serve. I will continue to serve my God, family, church, community, country and Corps. I will continue to fight for what is right. I urge you all to get involved, get committed and work hard during the 2006 election season. Each of you can make a difference and together we will bring about a positive change for our district and our country.”



Breaking indeed. Great job.

Though I like the fighting Dem mystique, the fact is Dunn was never able to really get his campaign going.

Kissell is a good guy. And he's going to get a buzz from this. Let's push it hard.


PS Great headline.

Disappointing, but

Kissell may be the stronger candidate.